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Preparing Your Home for a Flood After a Hurricane

Heavy rain, strong winds, and tidal surges are powerful effects of hurricanes. Hurricanes can cause flooding in coastal regions, inland, and in communities where you would least expect it. Floods are one of the most common natural disasters. They can be severe and destructive. Even a few inches of water can impact your home.

Flood Damage

It is a common occurrence for rivers, streams, and ocean areas to flood when there is excessive rainfall. Floods take some time to build up, which gives residents preparation time to evacuate the premises and save belongings that are close to their hearts. Some flash floods come quickly and are known to swipe clean everything in its path, including bridges, houses, trees, and cars. Each year floods cause about $6 million worth of damage in the United States alone. 

After the water recedes and the flood ends, the land is left with a mixture of debris, chemicals, pesticides, and sewage. This can create mold inside of homes if left untreated after a hurricane. There is also a potential for outbreaks of deadly, waterborne diseases after natural disasters. 

Flood Preparation

If there is a hurricane warning for your area, prepare your home for the chance of a flood. Also, check your insurance policy to see if you have flood insurance.

If you live in a two-story house, you can move all of your valuable possessions and documents to the second story for safekeeping. Find a watertight container and secure documents in a safe place in your home. Raise any electrical components off of the ground 12 inches to be safe. Unplug any wires and move them onto counters.

Put together a safety kit in case of an emergency with canned food, water, blankets, flashlights, and anything else that will be helpful to you.

Returning Home After a Flood

When returning home after a hurricane, make sure it’s safe to enter into your community and your home. Bring your safety kit and make use of the flashlight if the power still out. Depending on how long you’ve been away from your home, check for signs of mold growth. When all of the windows and doors have been closed, and there has been no air circulation for 48 hours, this can cause mold growth.

Brevard Shutter Will Help Your Prepare

At Brevard Shutter, we will help you prepare your home for hurricanes and potential floods with storm shutters in Melbourne, Florida. We know how severe the damage to homes can be after a hurricane if a home isn’t prepared. Hire a professional today to help ensure your home’s safety. 

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