Do Shutters Make a Difference?

Hurricane season officially arrived last month.  We have seen a decent amount of rain these last few weeks.  For some kids in the area, the first day of summer began with rain!  In truth, we expect that here in Florida.  And, to be honest, when the temperature is creeping up towards ninety degrees, that cloud cover and cool rain can feel really refreshing.

At Brevard Shutter, protection from hurricanes is always on our minds because it is what we do!  We realize, however, that it isn’t on everyone’s minds all the time, like ours.  In fact, some people don’t think about it until something flies through one of their windows during a hurricane.  That’s not when you want to be thinking about it!

With the arrival of hurricane season, it got us thinking just how blessed we are to live in a place where such protection IS available.  Our beloved Space Coast has been rocked pretty well these last couple years by visits from Matthew and Irma.  But, in the large scheme of things, we fared pretty well.  We know some of you did sustain major damage.  We are not downplaying that at all!  But our state, as a whole, came through those storms a lot better than many other areas.

There are people in Puerto Rico who still do not have power.  We recently spoke with someone who has family living in Puerto Rico.  He informed us that his family has power now, but it took approximately nine months for them to get it.  There are people in Haiti who are still without a place to live.  And, as fellow hurricane victims, let’s please not forget the small island of Barbuda on which approximately ninety-five percent of the structures were destroyed.  Its entire population of approximately 1,700 residents was forced to flee the island to neighboring Antigua.  Only about twenty percent have returned, a mere few hundred people.

We are a local hurricane shutter company with a showroom in Melbourne, FL.  It is our deepest desire that our community never experiences such devastation.  We want to make a difference in the one way we know how and that is to provide protection for you and your family with hurricane shutters for your home’s windows.

We have the latest technology to meet a variety of needs.  Most of our designs can be deployed in a very short period of time, so that even if a storm is quickly approaching you WILL be able to get your windows and sliding doors shuttered, keeping you and your family safe inside.

We can’t prevent the storms or keep your power from going out.  But, we can give you a free estimate, and we do offer you the latest and best technology in hurricane shutters, from Bahama Shutters to colonial style shutters and many more.  Our showroom is open to the public Monday-Friday, 8 am – 4 pm.  You are invited to not just look at our products but try them out for yourselves to see how easy they are to operate.  Let Brevard Shutter bring you one step closer to keeping your family and home safe during hurricane season!

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