What School Should You Choose?

You may be thinking the title of this blog is referring to college.  While that is a huge decision, even before college parents have to decide which school their young children should attend.  The good news is that if you don’t like the school you initially choose for your child, you aren’t stuck there.  There are options, and we would like to discuss those options today.

Preschool is optional.  The benefits of preschool are many.  You can usually choose how many days per week your child goes and whether or not they attend half-day or full-day.  This allows your child to get used to school without immediately being thrown into the fire of elementary school, so to speak.  Imagine being home with Mommy all day or daycare without instruction (play only), then starting elementary school five days per week, 6.5 hours per day!  That is a lot to ask of a child.

Here in Florida, we have some FREE Pre-K programs, which is amazing!  In case you were unaware, that is not offered in every state.  Pre-K is the year prior to Kindergarten.  It is a time of learning and fun, getting your child used to listening to a teacher, not just Mommy or Daddy.  It gives them the groundwork they need so that Kindergarten doesn’t seem scary or overwhelming.  You can even send your child to a private Pre-K for free if it meets Florida’s standards.

Once it is time for elementary school, you are faced with some choices.  You can choose the local, neighborhood school your child is assigned to based on your address.  You can choose a private school which is often religious-based and has a tuition.  You can choose a charter school which is a type of public school, but it is much smaller than a neighborhood public school.  You can also choose to homeschool.

The one you choose should be based on a combination of what works best for your child and what works best for you.  Obviously, if all the adults in your household work full-time, then homeschooling is not going to be a viable option for you.  If you can barely make ends meet each month, then private school is probably not a viable option.  However, you can always call and ask if they offer scholarships because many of them do.  If you don’t particularly like the neighborhood in which you live, you may want to choose a charter school.

Another thing to keep in mind is in what environment your child will do best.  If your child has any special needs, including learning and/or physical disabilities, then the school you choose for them is of the utmost importance.  You want to make sure that the school can provide everything your child needs to succeed.  If your local neighborhood school does not have what your child needs, contact your school district office to find out what options and services are available to your child.

Education is a personal decision from elementary school through college.  You might think you are stuck with your neighborhood school, but transfers are often available through the school district.  You might think you would hate homeschooling, but you may end up loving the freedom it provides to take trips without waiting for school breaks or allowing your “night owl” to sleep in and do school in the afternoon!  Don’t be afraid to do something different than the other parents around you.  Each child is unique, and you want to do what works best for your child and you!

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