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Do Hurricane Panels and Clear Panels Provide Enough Storm Protection?

Yes!  Hurricane panels and clear panels provide significant storm protection with each having their own attributes in preventing wind and projectile debris from penetrating your windows and doors.  While we are right in the middle of the peak Atlantic hurricane season, it is never too early or too late to prepare your home or business with storm shutters.  As Florida residents know all too well, severe weather isn’t seasonal, it is year-round.

What are the Advantages of Hurricane Panels?

Safety, affordability, and style options are the biggest advantages of hurricane panels.  For anyone who cares about their loved ones, personal property, or business, hurricane panels are simply a must in Florida.  While they are a little more work to install, hurricane panels are the most affordable form of storm protection.  It takes approximately 20 minutes per opening (IE: window or door) to deploy the panel, but they will save you days and weeks of post-storm regret and costs.

  • Steel panels are the most affordable and are made of 24- and 28-gauge steel.
  • Aluminum panels are made of .050 aluminum. They are much lighter and easier to handle if you are helping a neighbor or securing your own home or business during a pending storm.
  • Lexan panels allow for exterior light to enter the room. This provides a significant advantage during prolonged power outages and prevents the frantic rush of finding batteries for the flashlight or candles in daytime darkness.

Why have Lexan Panels and Clear Panels Become so Popular?

You have probably invested in the curb appeal of your home or business over the years.  You carefully selected the right windows, doors, paint colors, roof, and landscaping.  Not tarnishing the exterior look of your house or building is primarily the reason people are turning to clear panels.  Hurricane panels and shutters don’t have to be a necessary nuisance, clear and Lexan can be quite inconspicuous and functional. There are other benefits too:

  • Up-to-down or left-to-right, these panels can be affixed horizontally or vertically. If you have custom-made or irregular sized window and door openings such as trapezoids or high arches, these panels work quite well.
  • Let there be light! As mentioned before, clear and Lexan panels let the light in allowing you to observe the storm before, during, and after from the inside without subjecting yourself to the elements outside. Clear Corrugated Lexan Panels provide a high level of visibility.
  • Need even more “light?” Good!  These storm panels are light weight, weighing far less than steel storm shutters allowing for ease if you are planning to take a DIY protection approach.
  • You have installation options. If you prefer permanent installation for peace of mind during hurricane season and for the year-round typical Florida severe storms, it’s your choice. If you are more in favor of removing the panels for the cooler months, hurricane panels are easily stackable and storable.
  • Maximum Impact See-Thru Flat Lexan panels are tested and proven to provide the same degree of impact protection as either aluminum or steel panels. Made with polycarbonate and framed by extruded aluminum, Lexan and clear hurricane panels do not rust, corrode, shatter, or splinter in the sunlight or high-salt air prevalent on the Treasure Coast and Space Coast.

Looking for Solid Storm Protection that also Lets the Light In?

Hurricane Panels – Lexan and Clear are available at Brevard Shutters Now!

Hurricanes, tropical storms, and pop-up tornados are part of living in the great state of Florida.  Brevard Shutters of Melbourne, FL serves Brevard, Indian River, and St. Lucie counties, offers a variety of Colonial shutters, Bahama shutters, and Accordion storm shutters and hurricane panels to protect your family, home, and business.  Visit our unique in-door showroom and we’ll walk you through the entire process of how hurricane shutters work, the attributes of each storm shutter style, and we will custom build them to your home and business specifications.  Call or visit Brevard Shutters today for a free estimate!


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