How are Hurricane Shutters Deployed?

For those who do not yet have hurricane shutters, you may be concerned about how difficult the shutters are to deploy which may be one reason you have hesitated to purchase them.  We want to assure you that not only are they not difficult to deploy, but they also are not very time-consuming to deploy!  This is important considering the fact that you may be doing it in inclement weather.

Deployment of Different Types of Hurricane Shutters

Corrugated Panels

Let’s take a look at some different shutters and how their deployment system works.  We will start with the shutter that is the most affordable, but possibly the most time-consuming.  This is the corrugated panel that many of us are used to seeing.  You can purchase steel which is the most affordable or aluminum which is lighter and easier to handle.  These take approximately twenty minutes per window, so these panels will take you a few hours to install unless you have others helping you.  However, there are also clear Lexan panels which can actually be installed by us and stay on your windows year-round, providing constant protection and allowing you to see outside and have full light inside, even during the storm!

Armor Screen

From here, the deployment times decrease and ease of deployment increases!  Armor screen is the newest type of hurricane “shutter” system to come on the market.  Armor screen looks like a heavy-duty screen or tent depending on the type you choose and what you are covering (doors, windows, etc.).  These screens are an outstanding source of protection.  They take approximately fifteen minutes per opening, so they do take a bit of time, but they are well worth it.

Colonial Shutters

High impact colonial shutters look great, adding a nice pop of color and dimension to your home.  They only take approximately forty-five minutes total to deploy which is great when a storm is on its way!

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters look beautiful on your home, really giving it an upscale, beachy look.  Along with looking great, they add protection to your home during a storm by closing them which will only take approximately forty minutes total!

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters stack to the side of the window or door on which they are installed and run along a track.  You can deploy ALL of them in approximately thirty minutes!  If you have help, it will be an extremely quick task to accomplish.

Roll Up Shutters

Roll up shutters are the best when it comes to ease of deployment.  They can take as little as twenty seconds each, depending upon which product you choose.  They can be deployed easily by hand, requiring no cranks or motors.  These are a great choice for those who want to close up the house quickly and easily, particularly those who may have difficulties with their hands such as arthritis.  Choosing a shutter that doesn’t require cranking or much manual labor is an excellent choice.

As you can see, at Brevard Shutter, we offer a wide variety of shutters to meet the various needs of our customers.  Some of you need to focus on price-point, others need to focus on ease of deployment, and others want something that adds to the beauty of their Palm Bay home.  We are proud of the fact that we offer something for everyone.  Best of all, you can come by our on-site showroom located in Melbourne, FL and handle the shutters yourself!  You don’t just have to take our word for it. You really can choose the one that is best for you by seeing them and deploying them before purchasing them!  Please stop by today.  We look forward to working with you!

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