House boarded up with plywood year-round

Wooden Hurricane Shutters are NOT Meant for Year-Round Use

We have all seen them – houses with their wooden hurricane shutters up all year-round. It causes you to wonder why. Are they just too lazy to take them down? Do they think another storm will hit as soon as they take them down? Are they elderly and need help taking them down? There are so many questions that fly through our heads. And, if YOUR house is the one with wooden shutters up year-round, you know what some of your neighbors are thinking!

Wooden hurricane shutters were not intended for year-round use. Yes, hurricane season is six months long – half of the year. Therefore, it may seem like leaving them up makes more sense. But there are good reasons for taking them down!

Year-Round Use Problem #1: Burglar Deterrents

While wooden hurricane shutters can be a deterrent for burglars when you are out of town, the opposite may be true if you leave them up year-round. Your house may take on the appearance of being abandoned. By leaving your wooden shutters up year-round, a would-be burglar may also assume your home belongs to a “snowbird” who is not currently occupying the property. You are now drawing unwanted attention by less than savory characters.

Year-Round Use Problem #2: Safety Hindrances 

Another reason to take your wooden hurricane shutters down after a storm is your safety. In case of an emergency, you want an easy access point to save you or your home. If your house catches on fire or you have a medical emergency, first responders may not have the best access to your home if the shutters are up.

For example, four children and an adult were killed in a house fire in Homestead, Florida. State records show that the windows were covered in plywood and burglar bars. In this situation, there was no threat of a hurricane or tropical storm.

Year-Round Use Problem #3: Health Dangers 

Wooden hurricane shutters can cause a higher level of humidity in your home, which causes issues with mold and is dangerous to your health.

Year-Round Use Problem #4: Hefty Fines 

And lastly, if you live in a community with a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), you may endure a hefty fine for leaving your hurricane shutters up year-round.

Brevard Shutters Provide Flexible Shutters for Use All Year Round

Our variety of hurricane shutter systems from Accordion, Bahama, Colonial, Roll-Up, and more, keep you, your loved ones, and your home safe during severe weather. Our shutters can be permanently installed but have the flexibility to open and close when needed. At Brevard Shutters, we take pride in offering a wide variety of shutter systems to meet all needs. Located in Melbourne, Florida, we serve all surrounding communities, including Merritt Island, Cocoa, and beachside communities, such as Melbourne Beach and Vero Beach. Hurricane shutters are a significant part of hurricane safety; but, please remember to take them down when the storm has passed!

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