The Most Destructive Hurricanes

Some of the most destructive hurricanes have hit the United States and caused immense grief and destruction to many people. Hurricanes are powerful forces of nature that can turn cities upside-down. Hurricanes have an agenda of their own and sometimes we don’t get hit with a powerful hurricane for a few years, but it’s best to always be prepared and have your home protected instead of getting dragged in the wake of the storm.

Here are some of the most destructive hurricanes to have struck the United States that have made history:

Hurricane Katrina

In 2005, hurricane Katrina hit land with strong winds of 140 miles per hour, but peaked at 175 miles per hour. The aftermath of the storm was devastating with massive amounts of flooding in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Around $100 billion of damage occurred and affected the lives of many, while leaving 80% of New Orleans underwater.

Hurricane Sandy

Everyone remembers hurricane Sandy as one of the deadliest and destructive hurricanes in our history. At first it was a post-tropical wave in the Caribbean and in about 6 hours it quickly gained its momentum and turned into a hurricane. This surprising force left 7.5 million people without power and ended up killing 285 people. New York’s subways and roadway tunnels were deeply impacted and New Jersey’s water levels were 14 feet above the average tides.

Hurricane Andrew

During hurricane Andrew 1.3 million people lost power in 1992. This deadly storm killed 15 people and was the most powerful hurricane to hit Southern Florida in about 30 years. Winds sustained around 145 miles per hour in the eye wall and then reached 175 miles per hour at its peak. In the after effects of the storm it left people homeless, without power, and about 600,000 homes and businesses were damaged.

From all of the destructive hurricanes mentioned above we can learn that we must always be prepared in times of distress. Hurricanes, no matter how big or small, bring all kinds of horrific damage to families, homes and businesses.

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