How Do I Decide Which Shutters are Right for Me?

How Do I Decide Which Shutters are Right for Me?

Choosing hurricane shutters for your home is a big decision.  After all, some of them are “permanent,” so they change the look of your home.  Some of them are easier to deploy than others.  And, there are price differences between them.  While it is a big decision, it is one that we are confident you can make!  To help narrow down your choices, we will describe the different shutters available and hope that helps in your decision-making process!

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are the most popular as they are easy to deploy and quite affordable.  Accordion shutters stack to the side of the window or door on which they are installed, then easily roll along the track when you need to close them for protection.  These are the types of shutters you often see on beachfront condo balconies.


Clear Hurricane Panels

Corrugated clear Lexan panels allow you to still see outside and have light during the storm.  This is a wonderful feature so that you don’t feel like a bear in a cave during a storm event.  These can be permanently installed or installed as removable panels, whichever you prefer.  Additionally, these are excellent for oddly shaped windows.


Roll-Up Shutters

At the higher end of the market are roll-up shutters.  These are multi-purpose in that not only do they offer protection from the storm, but they also offer noise reduction and UV protection.  These shutters are deployed completely by hand without the need for cranks or motors.  They are easy to use and provide multiple benefits.


Colonial Shutters

For those interested in something that will add a nice-looking touch to your home, we offer Bahama shutters and colonial shutters.  When you think of colonial shutters, you may think of purely decorative shutters that are attached to the house next to the windows.  We offer dual-purpose colonial shutters that look beautiful AND close over your windows for storm protection!


The above is not even a full list of all that we offer!  We just wanted to give you an idea of what is available to you to help you begin to narrow down your options and think about what it is you are looking for in a shutter system.


Brevard Shutter is located in Melbourne, FL.  What we would love is for you to come to visit us at our on-site showroom!  There you can not only see the different shutter systems we offer, but you also can deploy them yourself to help you decide which one you like and which one also best fits your needs.  Our knowledgeable staff will be there to answer your questions.  We have been in business for over twenty years in Brevard County serving areas such as Palm Bay, Viera, Cocoa, and the beachside towns.  Please stop by or give us a call today!

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