Preparing For Hurricane

Time For Hurricane Shutters?

As we write our blog this month, we are in the waiting game for Hurricane Dorian to skirt our coast.  It will have come and gone by the time this blog posts and you are reading this.  So, how did you fare?  Did you have mild cleanup with a few stray branches and lots of leaves?  Or, did you experience more significant damage like a broken tree limb on your roof or through a window?


With the high winds that accompany hurricanes, even tropical-storm-force winds as opposed to hurricane-force winds, major damage can still be sustained by your homes or cars.  It is true that we cannot think up every possible outcome of a hurricane, and we can’t possibly prevent every bit of cleanup or damage.  All we can do is to be as prepared as possible.


Preparing for a Hurricane

If you went through the hours’ long hassle of boarding up your windows for Hurricane Dorian, then we would like to propose the idea that perhaps it is time for you to have hurricane shutters installed.  Their deployment time is significantly shorter with most hurricane shutter systems being completely deployed in approximately 45 minutes or less.  Now, think about how long you spent boarding up.  We would bet it was significantly longer than 45 minutes!


Boarding Up Vs. Deploying Hurricane Shutters

While boarding up may be effective, it is time-consuming and tiring, particularly in the heat and humidity that we experience in the days leading up to a hurricane’s arrival.  Then, you have to decide what to do after the storm passes.  We still have approximately three months left in the hurricane season.  Do you stay boarded up in case another hurricane comes through to save yourself the trouble of having to board up again?  It could be as soon as a couple of weeks after the last hurricane that another storm system approaches.  That is a lot of work to board up, remove the boards, and re-board again in such a short amount of time.


Types of Storm Shutters

We wanted to remind you that there are a wide variety of hurricane shutter systems from accordion shutters to colonial shutters to Bahama shutters and even state of the art Armor Shield systems.  These different systems come in different price points and ease of deployment.  This is great because we really have a shutter system to meet each person’s needs.


Discounted “As-Is” Shutters Available

Also, during hurricane season each year, we offer “as is” shutters for below warehouse prices!  This is a great time to purchase shutters!  These shutters are not compromised in their efficiency but may have slight damage.  It is a great way to purchase shutters when they might otherwise not fit into your budget.


Yes, Dorian reminded us in the midst of a quiet hurricane season that they can kick up whenever the conditions permit…with or without much warning.  So, please provide the protection you and your family deserve by calling us at Brevard Shutters.  We are located in Melbourne, FL and proudly serve Brevard County and the surrounding areas.  We look forward to helping you!

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