How Did Hurricane Shutters Become a Thing?

When settlers first started building homes in Florida and they experienced their first hurricane, they did not have hurricane shutters.  So, how did hurricane shutters come into existence?  Let’s take a look at the start of this product which has blossomed into multiple styles that brings great protection to the residents of our Sunshine State.


Rudimentary Hurricane Shutters

While we don’t know for certain who the first person was that decided that covering their windows during a storm was a good idea, we imagine it started off pretty basic with extra wood or metal sheets that the homeowners had on hand.  After all, ACE, Home Depot, and Lowe’s weren’t around in the 1800s!  Plywood was invented in the latter 1800s, but plywood sheets for building materials weren’t introduced in the U.S. until the early 1900s.  This is probably when Floridians began using plywood as hurricane window protection.  Many folks still do.  They store their plywood sheets in the garage, attic, or shed to be pulled out if needed during hurricane season.  As stores frequently run out of plywood sheets during an impending storm, if yours are in good enough shape to re-use and you have space to store them, then it is a good idea to hold onto them.


It’s funny because hurricane shutters are such a great form of protection for those of us who live where hurricanes strike, yet there is very little information on who actually invented hurricane shutters.  Floridians would like to say a big “thank you” to those who had a hand in inventing them and all the manifestations of shutters that have come along since the first one was made!


There has definitely been an evolution in the hurricane shutter industry.  The first hurricane shutters were focused on safety, as they should be.  But, with time, it was realized that shutters could be made that provided safety AND added to the beauty of your home.  Bahama shutters and high-impact colonial shutters definitely provide both!


Different Types of Hurricane Shutters

The desire to have light in the house during a storm also played a part in the evolution of different types of shutters.  It was hard to be in a pitch-black house for days on end.  Why not turn on the lights?  Well, you may not be from Florida if you are asking that question!  Power outages are extremely common during hurricanes, so the house can literally get pitch black when the hurricane shutters are deployed.  We now have multiple options that let in light, including clear Lexan panels which can be left on your windows year-round, providing constant protection and complete light!


To whoever first designed a hurricane panel and to all those who have come along since, adding to the variety of hurricane window protection that is available, we at Brevard Shutter want to send out a big “thank you!”  You have allowed us to be in this wonderful business for over twenty years helping to protect our families, friends, and neighbors.  If you are located in the Melbourne, Palm Bay, or beachside areas and do not yet have a hurricane shutter system on your home, then please give us a call today!  We would love to help keep you safe and beautify your home!

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