Hurricane Forecast for 2017

According to the weather forecast for 2017, it is predicted that we will have six hurricanes with three of those hurricanes being a category 3 or higher. This was predicted through the surface temperature of the ocean’s water. By gathering weather patterns from previous seasons and looking for the similarities in ocean and air pressure, this helps forecast the season ahead.

As we’re sure you’ve heard on the news about El Nino and La Nina, combined, these two phases make up a larger pattern called the El Nino Southern Oscillation or ENSO. When the water temperature swings between these two temperatures and weather fluctuations in the ocean they are deviations from cold phases (la nina) to warm phases (el nino). These phases help better predict the weather and climate on a global scale.

El Nino could play a potential role and return during the 2017 hurricane season, but there is still uncertainty. If El Nino does come back around he could cause rising air in the Pacific Ocean causing the atmospheric temperatures to move upwards. This could cause a change in weather patterns and sea-surface temperatures, and possibly lead to a hurricane.

It’s better to be safe and protect your home if a hurricane arises before it is too late. At Brevard Shutters we have many options of shutters for you to choose from that will protect your home. If the ocean-atmospheric climate temperatures continue to rise then having easy-to-use accordion shutters will glide seamlessly open and closed when you are preparing your home for a hurricane.

Accordion shutters slide effortlessly along the tracks that are built into the top and bottom of the opening. This shutter system has a lock to deter theft or forced entry into your home. They are made out of heavy duty materials that are designed for windows, sliding glass doors, balconies, and any large openings.

Accordion shutters in Palm Bay and Melbourne are easy to use and provide protection for your home. They are perfect for windows and any openings in your house that you wish to be reinforced. Accordion shutters are specifically engineered to operate easily for all with maximum protection against high winds and storms. Let us help you find the shutters that meet all of your needs in case of an emergency.

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