Hurricane Shutters Vs. Hurricane Fabric Panels

If you are in the market for hurricane coverings for your windows, you probably have some questions.  We wanted to address one of these questions for you.  Should you choose hurricane shutters or hurricane fabric panels?  You may not even know about the fabric panels as many people don’t.  They are newer to the market and incredibly effective.


Hurricane shutters come in a variety of styles – accordion shutters, Bahama shutters, colonial shutters, and clear panels, to name a few.  Armor Screen is the brand of hurricane fabric panels that we carry.  If you are looking for hurricane panels that will also add to the beauty of the outside of your home, then we definitely recommend our Bahama shutters or our colonial shutters.  Both styles add a touch of beauty to your home while also providing protection from hurricanes.


Our other shutters are primarily for providing protection during hurricanes.  Our accordion shutters “stack” to the side of the window much like pulling open vertical blinds completely.  They are designed to deploy during storms or even when you are out of town for added security.  They are not on permanent “display” like the Bahama or colonial styles.


Our clear panels can be installed permanently or in a removable style.  They are clear as the name suggests, so if you have them permanently installed, you will not be lacking in natural sunlight year-round, including during a hurricane when other people are boarding up and living in the dark for days at a time.


But, what are hurricane fabric panels, and are they right for you?  Armor Screen is the newest type of hurricane window protection having been on the market a little over ten years.  It has been rated for 275 mph winds which means it can withstand a Category 5 hurricane!  Armor Screen is also one of the few hurricane window protection styles that allows light in during their deployment.


Why should you choose Armor Screen over our other styles?  It is completely up to you and we can talk you through the options to help you make the best choice.  If you really want to feel safe, then you can basically surround your home, not just your windows with Armor Screen.  We also highly recommend Armor Screen if you live in a condominium that is not ground level.  You may not be able to get to all your windows to deploy a traditional hurricane shutter system.  Armor Screen can be installed INDOORS!  It is truly a unique product that fits the needs of many people.


At Brevard Shutter, we offer a wide variety of hurricane shutter systems, including Armor Screen.  We would love for you to come by our showroom in Melbourne, FL so that we can show you the different styles and help you make the best choice.  We serve our surrounding areas such as Palm Bay, Viera, and the beachside areas with our hurricane protection shutters.  Don’t be left boarding up your windows when the next hurricane approaches.  Come see us today!

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