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Hurricane Panels Vs. Other Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane panels are one of the oldest methods of protecting a structure’s windows during a hurricane.  Because of this, several other hurricane shutter systems have been developed over the years.  While newer doesn’t always mean better, it does mean different.  At Brevard Shutters, we sell a variety of hurricane shutter systems, including hurricane panels.  This blog is not to discourage you from purchasing hurricane panels, but rather it is to inform you of how they differ from the other shutter systems that we offer.


Hurricane panels can be made of steel, aluminum, or Lexan clear panels.  The steel and aluminum panels are the type you will see on many structures during a hurricane.  Hurricane panels are the most affordable type of hurricane shutter system on the market.  So, if price-point is the main factor in your decision, then look no further than hurricane panels.  They will protect your windows at an affordable price.


So, the first difference between hurricane panels and other shutters is that they will cost you less.  The steel panels are the most affordable.  The aluminum panels cost a bit more (though not a lot) but are lighter, making them easier to handle.  The Lexan clear panels allow light into the house which is an added benefit.


That leads us to the next difference, as the steel and aluminum panels are not really known for letting light into the house.  There are a few shutter systems now, such as Armor Screen, that allows light into your home, which is a great benefit during a power outage.  At least during the day, you will be able to see well and save your candles, flashlights, etc. for the night time.


The other difference is that hurricane panels must be stored when not in use, which can be a negative if you don’t have much storage space.  Also, because they must be put up and taken down each time you use them, they can be difficult to use for those who are older, ill, or suffer from issues such as arthritis.  Other systems use cranks, motors, or even simply your hands (roll-up shutters).  These may be easier for some to use.


The last difference is that you will need to know which panels go on which windows in order for them to fit properly.  With other hurricane shutter systems, such as accordion shutters, they remain in place so you don’t have to worry about this aspect.


At Brevard Shutter, we offer a wide variety of shutter systems including hurricane panels.  We wanted to lay out the ways they differ from our other systems to help you make an informed decision.  If price-point is your main concern, then our Palm Bay hurricane panels are the way to go.  Accordion shutters are also quite affordable and are less labor-intensive so they may be a good option for you, as well.  We carry a variety of styles ranging in price, so please stop by our showroom, located in Melbourne, FL today.  We will answer your questions and help you make the choice that is best for you!

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