Homeowner’s Insurance for Hurricane Damage

Spring is here and the flowers are blooming, but hurricane season is getting closer. Repairing hurricane damage to your home can be an expensive process to go through, filled with headaches and lots of paperwork if you aren’t properly prepared. Your neighbor’s home could be fine while you could be the unlucky one whose house gets hit hard. It’s never too late to be prepared for hurricane season.

Here are some helpful tips to help avoid hurricane damage:

Homeowner’s Insurance

If you don’t already have insurance on your home then it’s something to look into. With homeowner’s insurance check to see if you are available for any discounts. Homeowner’s insurance offers some protection with perils, personal property and dwelling coverage depending on the type of policy you sign up for. Policies can be tricky to read through. Most policies are broken down into four categories: dwelling, other structures, personal property and loss of use.

If you’re having trouble trying to figure out what will be covered under your policy then give your insurance agent a call and ask them to define what exactly will be covered against hurricane winds. Be sure to review the amount of coverage you currently have and decide if there needs to be any adjustments made in the event of any damage to your home. Knowing what types of repairs or rebuilding of your home is covered will give you peace of mind if you need to evacuate.

Flood Insurance

Not all insurance agencies require flood insurance on homes. If your home is built in a specific area that is prone to flooding during storms you will be required to carry flood insurance on your home. Flood insurance is typically fairly inexpensive and you can contact the National Flood Insurance Program to see what the cost will be. Learn your policy by reading through it carefully.

At Brevard Shutters we are here to provide you with quality service and safe, durable products. Accordion shutters will enhance your home’s appearance while providing protection for your home or business against storms. We also have armor screens, Bahama shutters, clear panels, colonial shutters and roll up shutters for you to choose from. All of our products prevent water penetration. If you’re in in Palm Bay, Melbourne, or Viera, contact us today for all your hurricane protection needs!

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