Hurricane Shutters Serve Multiple Purposes

Based on their name alone, when we think of hurricane shutters, we obviously think of protection from hurricanes. Yes, this is their main purpose. We wanted to share with you some of the other purposes that hurricane shutters have because they can meet multiple needs for you and your home.

Of course, they primarily protect your windows and doors from breakage during storms. In turn, this protects the inside of your home from sustaining damage. Because we offer a variety of shutters and hurricane protection, our different shutters offer different “bonus purposes.”

For instance, our Bahama shutters and our colonial shutters add a great look to the outside of your home. Perhaps you have felt your home is a bit lacking in curb appeal. These make a great addition, giving you hurricane protection along with an aesthetically pleasing look. The Bahama shutters also offer additional privacy and reduce heat transfer, helping to keep your home at a more constant temperature, thereby reducing your utility bill.

The traditional accordion shutters and hurricane panels offer excellent home protection. If you have a vacation home that you only live in part of the year or if you are leaving for vacation, these are a great way to protect your home from intruders. They give you built-in security.

Our Armor Screen and clear panels offer outstanding hurricane protection and give the added benefit of still allowing light into your home. These are great when you choose to stay home during the hurricane. It makes it much easier to function within your home by providing natural light throughout the storm as opposed to boarded up windows which make it feel like constant night.

Lastly, our roll up shutters offer almost everything you could imagine when it comes to hurricane shutters! These are the top of the line products when it comes to hurricane window coverings. These shutters provide home security, provide UV protection and reduce heat transfer, and even offer noise reduction!

With so many options to choose from, we understand that it can be difficult to make a choice. That is what we are here for…to help you choose. Brevard Shutter is located in Melbourne, FL. We have an on-site showroom designed just for you, our customers, to check out the products first-hand. We are there to answer your questions and let you try the products to determine which one is best for you. Do you suffer from arthritis? If so, then we would steer you away from the roll-up shutters which use a hand crank. We want to help you make the choice that works best for your needs. We also offer free estimates. If you are in the market for hurricane shutters, please give us a call today! We serve Melbourne, Palm Bay, and the surrounding areas. We are locally owned and operated and look forward to serving you!

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