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3 Ways Accordion Shutters Save Melbourne Homeowners Cash

When it comes to accordion shutters here in Melbourne, Florida, Benjamin Franklin’s saying “An ounce of pain is worth a pound of cure” perfectly describes why homeowners install them. Here at Brevard Shutters & Accessories, Inc. our accordion shutters can withstand hurricane-force winds and help our homeowners in our local community save cash.

There are 3 major ways in which accordion shutters save Melbourne homeowners cash over the long run. First, our accordion shutters are purposely designed to protect your Melbourne home from hurricanes. Second, studies have shown that accordion shutters end up saving homeowners money due to reduced utility costs. Third, most homeowners in Melbourne see a lower cost for homeowners insurance after installing our shutters.

As such accordion shutters can be seen as an investment in your property. Our professional installation experts here at Brevard Shutters and Associates will make sure your shutters will protect your Melbourne home and save you cash for years to come.

Our Accordion Shutters Are Purposely Designed To Protect Your Home From Hurricanes

One of the major ways that accordion shutters save Melbourne homeowners cash is by protecting them from hurricane winds and projectiles.

It’s no secret. When you live here in Brevard country you will encounter a hurricane or two. For the typical Melbourne homeowner, these storms are terrifying for one reason, wind.

Hurricanes bring lots of rain and wind. A hurricane’s windspeed can range from 74-157+ Mph! At these speeds wind pressure alone can cause an unprotected window or door to crack or break. Further, projectiles such as lumber or tree branches can turn into missiles in a hurricane.

The average cost to repair a window today ranges from $200-$1,200 depending on the size of the window. Imagine having to replace only a couple. Our cost-effective shutters will save you thousands over the lifetime of your home.

The good news is that our accordion shutters will easily protect you from both the wind and projectiles. Our professional installation experts can set up your entire Melbourne home with easy-to-deploy accordion shutters.

As such, one of the main ways that accordion shutters save Melbourne homeowners cash is by protecting their homes against hurricanes.

Studies Have Shown That Shutters Save Homeowners Cash Due To Reduced Utility Costs

Another way that accordion shutters save Melbourne homeowners cash is by reducing their utility bills.

Studies such as Dr. Kinney’s “Insulating Shutters: Innovative Enhancements for Energy Saving, Comfort, and Security” have demonstrated that accordion shutters have led to lower utility costs.

Across the world, people use shutters to save cash when they leave for vacation or during the hot parts of the day. Imagine that you can reduce your energy bill when you leave for vacation by simply lowering our easy-to-deploy shutters.

Over time this will lead to Melbourne homeowners saving a decent chunk of cash. During the summer here in Melbourne, Florida, it can get as hot as 93°F. With our shutters, you can simply roll them down to block out the sun and keep the valuable cool air inside.

The best part about our accordion shutters here at Brevard Shutters & Associates is that they are easy to deploy. On average it only takes around 30 minutes to fully deploy an entire house. It would only take a fraction of time to deploy the shutters facing toward the sun.

Over time this will lead to a sizable savings of cash for you and your family. Not only do the shutters pay for themselves but over time you can even start to earn from them!

As such, one of the main ways that our accordion shutters save Melbourne homeowners cash is by lowering their total utility costs.

Most Homeowners In Melbourne, Florida, See A Lower Cost For Homeowners Insurance After Installing Our Shutters

One of the main ways that Accordion Shutters save Melbourne homeowners cash is by reducing their homeowners’ insurance.

Like any other form of home improvement, protective shutters will help to lower your total homeowners’ insurance. However, this is especially true in the case of accordion shutters in Melbourne, Florida.

This is because unlike a new driveway or bathroom remodel our accordion shutters are designed to protect the most vulnerable parts of the house. Because of this homeowners in Brevard see a remarkable decrease in their insurance bills.

The reason behind this decrease comes from how house insurance is calculated. Insurance companies tend to reward homeowners who install shutters because it saves the insurance company money. Of course, this depends upon your insurance company but most people can expect to see a decrease in their bills.

Saving on your insurance bill every month will add up over time. After a couple of years, you will look back and see that your accordion shutters paid for themselves. Every month after this you will collect a small paycheck just from installing them!

As such another way in which accordion shutters save Melbourne homeowners cash is by lowering their total insurance bill.


Here at Brevard Shutters & Associates, we specialize in providing the most cost-effective shutters for our local Melbourne and Palm Bay communities. We enjoy seeing our neighbors select us to install their easy-to-lower accordion shutters. If you have any questions or would just like to see what shutters would be best for your home or business don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the following:

Phone: (321)409-9091


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