How to Lower the Price of Homeowners Insurance

Many people opt for homeowners’ insurance to protect them in case of emergency.  Whether homeowners’ insurance is mandatory or not depends on the state a person lives in, the mortgage company they use, etc.  But, home insurance can be expensive, so people search for ways to lower their insurance and bring down their payment every month. 

Decide if Home Improvements are Worthwhile | Brevard Shutters & Accessories

There are a few home improvements that can lower a homeowner’s insurance bill.  It’s important for a homeowner to weigh out whether or not the cost of the improvement is worth the amount they will save.  For example, if they plan to only stay in their house for five years and they make a home improvement that costs $15,000 which saves them $100 per month on home insurance, it would not be worth it.  $100 per month for five years is $6000, so they would still be paying $9000 and not truly saving.  However, if they plan to stay in their home for 12 ½ years or longer, then this investment will ultimately save them money.  It will take some number-crunching when deciding whether or not to do particular home improvements, but it will be worth it in the end.


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One measure homeowners can take is not very expensive in comparison to some of the other options.  Having a home security system installed may lower the cost of home insurance.  Check with the insurance company first.  Ask what features the security system must have in order to receive a reduced rate.  Decide if this is a good financial decision.  Many people may find the peace of mind that comes from having a security system is worth it, with or without a reduction in their homeowner’s insurance premium.  A reduction in the premium would be the icing on the cake, in that case!

Hurricane Season in Florida

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If a home’s roof is outdated, then a new roof meeting current standards may lower the homeowner’s insurance bill.  Particularly in Florida, it can benefit homeowners to look into their windows, doors, garage doors, and roofs to see if they meet current wind mitigation standards.  By upgrading any of these to the current standards they may be looking at a sizeable reduction in their insurance premium.  Again, they should weigh this against how long they plan to be in the house.  But, they should also remember that these upgrades increase safety, and no one can put a price on that.

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Install Hurricane Shutters | Storm Shutters in Melbourne, FL

A great option for bringing windows up to the current wind mitigation standards is by having hurricane shutters installed.  Brevard Shutters & Accessories specializes in hurricane shutters.  They offer a wide variety of shutters, including Armor Screen which is a hurricane fabric.  They offer the latest in hurricane shutter technology, and residents of Brevard County can stop by their showroom in Melbourne, FL to see what they have available.  From simple corrugated panels to colonial shutters to the most state of the art fabric and roller shutter systems, they have it all.  Brevard Shutters serves Melbourne, Palm Bay, Merritt Island, Cocoa, Satellite Beach, and nearby areas.  Residents of Brevard County, Florida can contact Brevard Shutters to see how they can help lower their home insurance.

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