Other Uses for Hurricane Shutters

Because of their name, people usually only associate hurricane shutters with the things on their house that they deploy during a storm.  While this is, of course, true, there are also other benefits to hurricane windows that we would like to point out to you.  Whether you already have hurricane shutters on your home or are considering having them installed, we hope you will find this information useful.


Hurricane shutters can be deployed at any time, and it does not take long to do so.  Additionally, you don’t have to deploy all of them.  You can choose which ones to deploy based on your present need.


If you are headed out of town for the holidays, it is the perfect time to deploy your hurricane shutters.  We are at the end of hurricane season, so that is not why we are suggesting this.  Your hurricane shutters can act as a barrier against a home invasion.  A window can’t be broken and crawled through if the window is protected by a hurricane shutter!  They are even better than a home security system in some ways.  An alarm might scare someone away, but they might pause to grab some things on their way out the door.  With hurricane shutters, they aren’t getting in at all!


Another great use for your hurricane shutters is protection from flying objects.  We aren’t talking conspiracy theories and UFO’s, we promise!  Just like your hurricane shutters protect your windows from flying debris during a storm, they can protect your windows from other flying objects, as well.  For example, if Junior got a new football, soccer ball, or baseball for Christmas, he is going to want to play with it, right?  Well, that activity often takes place in the front or backyard.  If this is the case, your windows are in danger!


One local Indialantic resident found this out first hand when she was startled by a loud noise.  As she came to the front of the house, she saw her eight-year-old aspiring soccer star standing there looking stunned, a soccer ball, and a broken window.  By deploying your hurricane shutters when the kids are playing in the yard, you can save yourself the hassle and cost of repairing a broken window!  That’s definitely worth the few minutes it will take to close the shutters on that portion of the house.


When you are ready to make your hurricane shutter purchase we hope you will choose Brevard Shutter.  We serve the Melbourne, Palm Bay, and beachside areas.  We have an on-site showroom in Melbourne, FL where you can view the wide variety of shutters that we sell.  You can also try them for yourself to discover how fast and easy they are to use.  Whether you are interested in accordion shutters, colonial shutters, Bahama shutters, or one of the other styles we offer, we look forward to working with you!


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