Looking for a Career? We are Hiring

Looking for a career? We are hiring. Perhaps you have just graduated and are looking for work.  Maybe you are ready to switch careers, or have just lost your job due to the pandemic?  Whatever the reason, you are looking for work, and we are looking for new employees to join our team!  Sounds like a good match!


Brevard Shutter specializes in the installation of hurricane protection systems. These are commonly referred to as hurricane shutters.  There is a wide variety of hurricane shutters available in today’s market. These shutters require professional and proper installation. We offer free estimates. We work with our customers every step of the way from choosing the shutter system that is best for their needs and budget through fabrication and installation until the job is complete.


We do not expect everyone that applies to have previous experience in the hurricane shutter industry. We understand that the installation of shutter systems is a specific trade and we are happy to train those who are willing to learn. Learning a new trade is a valuable tool for you to possess. It is something you will carry with you for life that nobody can take from you.  Many people move on from the trades to take professional positions, but some of them also return to the trades for various reasons, as well. Being a tradesman is a respectable career that can provide for you and your family.


Working for Brevard Shutter will provide you with work throughout the year. While there is a hurricane season, clients choose to have their hurricane shutters installed throughout the year. Many of our clients are “snowbirds” and choose to have their shutters installed while they are here in the winter. So, while other businesses may slow down in the winter, that is not necessarily the case for us!


Not only do we value the importance of being a tradesman, but our country is coming to understand how essential tradesmen are, as well. During the pandemic, you have heard the term “essential business.”  Yes, most tradesmen are essential.  In fact, in an article on the website for the Construction Financial Management Association it is noted that there is a shortage of skilled tradesmen in the United States. You can become one of these sought after individuals!


We hope you will consider joining our team at Brevard Shutter! We are located in Melbourne, but we serve all surrounding areas of Brevard County and Indian River County, such as Merritt Island, Cocoa, Sebastian, and Vero Beach.  So if you are looking for a career, we are hiring. Please contact us today!


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