Lights Abound During the Holiday Season

It usually begins in October or November.  People’s yards begin to show signs of the holiday season.  Not everyone celebrates all holidays, but you can usually find at least a couple decorated houses in each neighborhood or even on each street from the months of October through December.  In October, you will find houses that are brimming with autumnal decorations like scarecrows and hay bales to houses that terrify little trick-or-treaters who are willing to give up a piece of candy to pass by that particular house.


In November, most of the Halloween decorations come down and you see more harvest-themed decorations like the scarecrows mentioned above, cornucopias, and signs or flags reflecting people’s thanksgiving and gratitude.  Here in the south, you might see little signs proclaiming, “Happy Fall, Y’all!”


Then, comes December…the grand finale of the holiday season.  During this time you see a variety of decorations.  Some families are celebrating Hanukkah and you will see the lighted menorah in their window.  Other families celebrate Christmas with religious decorations like the Nativity scene and others will display Santa and his flying reindeer.  In fact, you may find all three decorations in some yards!


Driving by during the daytime, the yards look sad with all their deflated blow-up displays laying flat on the grass and no lights sparkling but come nighttime, the local streets light up with twinkling lights, inflated displays, and a general feeling of joy and merriment seems to be in the air.  The promise of impending presents may have a little something to do with that for the younger ones!


You may even be able to find a local holiday light display to enjoy during December.  For example, at Wickham Park in Melbourne, you can enjoy the Space Coast Lightfest which is set up by volunteers with all proceeds going to the Boy Scouts of America.  It takes place from 6:30 to 10:00 nightly from Nov. 19 through Jan. 1.  This display has over three million lights!  It is a drive-through light display costing $15 per carload (up to 10 people).  They have partnered with Toys for Kids, so if you bring an unwrapped toy to donate, you will receive a discount at the gate.


You may be able to find whole neighborhoods decorated which you can stroll through, as well.  Some homeowners have taken it to another level by setting their lights to music!  If you have never witnessed one of these displays, you should ask around or even check online to see if you can find one of these homes in your town.  It is pretty incredible to watch!


There is another way to add flair to your home that you can leave up all year long.  Shutters make a great addition to your home and are never out of season like your neighbor’s Christmas lights still drooping from the eaves in March.  By purchasing hurricane shutters from Brevard Shutter you not only add to the beauty of your home, but you also add to your safety during the hurricane season.  We have an on-site showroom in Melbourne, FL where you can view the wide variety of shutters we offer, such as accordion shutters and colonial shutters in Palm Bay. We will work with you and your budget and offer free estimates, so what do you have to lose?  Give us a call or stop by our showroom today!

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