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Is the Cost of Hurricane Shutters Worth It?

For those of you who do not yet have hurricane shutters on your windows, we’d like to ask a question – what is holding you back from having them installed?  Perhaps you are wondering if they are worth the cost.  You might think that repairing a broken window isn’t that big of a deal and isn’t worth buying a shutter system for your entire home.  Let’s take a closer look at this topic.


Invest in Quality Shutters

First, it’s important to know that not all shutter systems are created equal.  There is a wide variety of types of shutters which means there is a variety of price points, as well.  At Brevard Shutter, we offer every type of hurricane shutter you could possibly want from the basic but functional accordion shutters (very affordable) to high-end roll-up shutters.  We offer shutters that are functional while adding to the curb appeal of your home, such as our Bahama shutters and colonial shutters.


You need to know that you aren’t stuck with committing to one particular type of shutter; therefore, you aren’t stuck at a particular price point either.  We will work with you to come up with the shutter system that best fits your needs and budget.


Consider the Price of Hurricane Damage

Second, it’s important to know that not all hurricane damage is created equal either.  While your neighbor may sustain zero damage during a storm, you may sustain severe damage.  It’s all part of the unpredictability of these ferocious storms.  Additionally, tornadoes often accompany hurricanes.  Obviously, hurricane shutters cannot prevent a tornado from removing your roof.  However, they can help protect you and your windows from flying debris caused by a nearby tornado.


You’re right if you think the cost of replacing one broken window is cheaper than a hurricane shutter system.  We can’t deny that.  However, you can’t guarantee that is the worst damage that your home will sustain during a hurricane.  Do you want to take that risk?  In fact, even if one broken window is all that occurs, that can actually cause additional damage.  You don’t know what is going to come flying through that window that broke it in the first place.  Is it going to be something that will cause additional damage to the house, like water?  Even worse, is it going to be something that can injure you or a loved one?


Will You Evacuate?

If you choose to evacuate but don’t have storm shutters, you never know what damage you might find upon your return.  One broken window can result in a flooded living room as sideways rain makes its way into your home.  Even without a specific cost breakdown, it is easy to see that the cost of a hurricane shutter system is worth it!


If you still need convincing or are now convinced and ready to order your hurricane shutters, then call us at Brevard Shutter!  We offer free estimates.  You can’t beat free!  We offer a variety of shutters and price points.  We are located in Melbourne, FL with an on-site showroom for you to browse.  You can see for yourself the different type of shutters, learn how to deploy them, and ask questions.  So, please call or come by today!

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