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Hurricane Shutters Provide All-Round Benefits to Homes in Florida

Hurricanes are one of the most dangerous types of storms, posing high risks to lives and properties through flooding, storm surges, or wind damage. One way to mitigate the hurricane effect and protect houses and other building structures from the destructive effects of hurricanes is the use of hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters serve as barricades to prevent flying debris from breaking windows during a storm. However, apart from this widely known benefit of hurricane shutters, they also have other benefits they provide to homes and buildings when it’s not hurricane season including improved aesthetics and property value. They can therefore be utilized for those additional benefits all year long. Shutters from experts like Brevard Shutters and Accessories Inc stand the test of time, beauty, and value. They’re the go-to option for homeowners in and around Melbourne, FL and Palm Bay, FL.

Additional Benefits of Hurricane Shutters 

Aesthetic and Value Benefits

Hurricane shutters come in a variety of designs that enhance the appearance of a property and draw attention to it. These shutters improve curb appeal and even increase the property value if such buildings are to be sold in the future.

In addition, prospective homebuyers will most likely be relieved to learn that the home they are considering has already been equipped with hurricane protection.

Noise Reduction

Noises such as those from barking dogs, incessant car honks, and children playing in the surroundings or parks can be very distracting. With noise reduction hurricane shutters, those disturbances are reduced to the barest minimum affording homeowners some peace and respite.

Home Security

Some hurricane shutters are installed permanently and cannot be removed, ultimately resulting in improved security for homes. Any intruders would have a hard time breaking into the home, giving homeowners a sense of peace knowing their lives and possessions are better protected.

UV Protection

When there is a lot of light coming into the home, it can have a direct effect on the temperature inside. Hurricane shutters assist by restricting the amount of light that enters a home, this light control, therefore, helps to keep the house cool, ultimately reducing the amount of time the air conditioner runs and saving up on power costs.

The Different Types of Hurricane Shutters

Accordion Shutters

This type of hurricane shutter takes approximately 30 minutes to be set up, with the shutter stacks on either side of the opening, allowing a complete view of the door or window. Accordion Shutters provide exceptional strength and security against invaders and hurricanes. It is one of the most popular of all shutter systems due to its ease of use and affordable prices.

Bahama Shutters

This type of shutter takes about 40 mins to deploy and is one of the most attractive shutters available. The Caribbean flair it possesses allows it to blend perfectly with the decor of any home or building. Other than storm protection, the Bahama offers a few other features that are often neglected such as the privacy it provides for the windows while also reducing heat transfer, ultimately reducing utility costs off hurricane season.

Colonial Shutters

These are deployed in approximately 45 minutes and their plantation-style can also be used to enhance the appearance of any home or building. There are two types of shutters in this style, including the Ornamental designed to complement aesthetically and the High-Impact Colonial, which not only enhances the aesthetics but also protects the home from wind-borne items and invasion.

Roll-Up Shutters

These take only about 20 seconds to 20 minutes to deploy depending on the type. They are the world’s most valuable shutter offering multiple benefits including security, heat transfer and noise reduction, UV protection, lower utility costs, and hurricane protection.

Choose Brevard Shutters and Accessories For Your Hurricane Shutters Installation

Brevard Shutters & Accessories, Inc. is a reliable hurricane protection firm that offers a variety of storm protection options. With over 7 years of providing quality service, residents in Melbourne FL, Palm Bay FL, and surrounding areas can trust them to do the job right while maintaining the utmost industry and safety standards.

From design, and consultation to manufacture, installation, and finish, they treat each customer’s order specially, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. They also have a new showroom where prospective clients can see all they have to offer, from hurricane shutters and storm panels to pool enclosures, screening, aluminum railings, and Baby Guard pool fencing.

To speak to an agent at Brevard Shutters & Accessories, call 321.409.9091 or visit their website. 

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