Hurricane Shutters Offer Security Over the Holidays

Not only do hurricane shutters shield your home from hurricane damage, but hurricane shutters offer security and privacy too. So if you are out of town for the holidays, then consider getting those shutters for security and privacy. Have no fear, Brevard Shutter is here! Our hurricane shutter systems are a great way to protect your home during hurricane season and beyond.

Shutters Provide Security Over the Holidays

Now that hurricane season is over, we can (hopefully) breathe a sigh of relief, given 2020 proved to be a strange year in many ways. And with one of the most active hurricane seasons in history being a part of that, Florida residents are happy to see 2020 end and take its overactive hurricane season with it!

The hurricanes are over, and now the holidays are here! December brings celebrations for most families with either Christmas or Hanukkah, as well as the last day of the month, New Year’s Eve, in which many people travel away and often these celebrations out of town. This means you homes are left unattended.

If you leave home any time during the holiday season, you may worry about the safety of your home. Although hurricane season is over, it is the perfect time to deploy your hurricane shutters as a safety measure while you are out of town. You may have only thought of your hurricane shutters as storm protection, but they can offer home security protection, as well. If you are headed out of town for the holidays, then deploy your hurricane shutters and enjoy your holidays, knowing that your home is secure.

What if I don’t have hurricane shutters?

If you don’t yet have a hurricane shutter system, then you may want to ask someone you trust to stay in your home while you are away, or ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home and alert you to any unexpected activity, such as a vehicle in the driveway.

Or install those lamps that turn on and off on a timer so that it gives your home the appearance of being occupied.

Get a free estimate today!

Brevard Shutter is located in Melbourne and proudly serves the surrounding areas, such as Merritt Island, Cocoa, Sebastian, and Vero Beach. If you are in need of hurricane shutters, then please give us a call or stop by our showroom today. We offer free estimates, a wide variety of shutters in different styles, and knowledgeable employees to answer all your hurricane shutter questions!  We look forward to working with you!

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