Hurricane Fabric and Hurricane Panels

You hear a lot of talk about hurricane shutters, so we thought we would shed a little light on a couple of other types of hurricane protection for your windows.  Shutters are an excellent source of hurricane protection, and we do offer a variety of shutters such as Bahama shutters and colonial shutters.  However, these shutters may not fit your needs or give the look that you desire for your home, particularly if you want removable hurricane protection.


If you are interested in still getting a good amount of light into your home during a hurricane, then you should definitely consider our hurricane panels.  We offer both clear and corrugated panels.  Our clear panels basically look like a piece of plexiglass over your windows, but they are, of course, MUCH stronger than simple plexiglass.  They are actually made of polycarbonate and framed by extruded aluminum.  Because these panels can be cut, they are an excellent choice if you have arched windows or windows that are oddly shaped.  They can be installed as permanent or removable panels which is a nice choice to have.


Our corrugated panels are not clear but still provide light.  These are our most affordable offering for hurricane protection.  We offer corrugated panels made of steel or aluminum.  The steel is the most affordable choice, but the aluminum is lighter and easier to handle.  If you are using removable panels, you will want to take into consideration how heavy they are and the ease with which you can remove and “install” them.


Another excellent option for hurricane protection is hurricane fabric.  You may not have even heard of this option as it is, by far, the newest on the market having only been available for a little over a decade.  We use a brand called Armor Screen which has been rated to withstand a Category 5 hurricane!  It can be installed on the interior or exterior.  The interior installation is excellent for condominiums that are not on the ground level, particularly those without a balcony. We can even install it over your whole house (not including the roof).  You can’t get more protection than that!  Additionally, this form of hurricane protection allows light into your home like the hurricane panels, and it comes with a manufacturer’s ten year UV warranty.


If you are interested in hurricane panels, Armor Screen, or our other hurricane shutters, then please give us a call or stop by our showroom today. You can not only see our products but handle them so that you can discover how easy they are to deploy and use.   Brevard Shutter is located in Melbourne, FL and serves the surrounding areas, such as Palm Bay, Viera, and the beachside towns.  We are sure we have the type of hurricane protection you need.

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