Hurricane Evacuations

During a hurricane, you may be asked to evacuate your home in order to ensure your safety and wellbeing. These times can be stressful and you may only have a couple of days to prepare for the evacuation under certain circumstances. When you are preparing for an evacuation seek out all the options of where you can stay during an emergency situation. You can drive to another town and stay in a hotel, you can stay at a friend or family’s house or you can find a local shelter near you. If you have pets make sure pets are allowed before you solidify your plans.

Here are some helpful tips for you during a hurricane evacuation:


During these stressful times, it’s best to already have a hurricane evacuation plan in place. Develop a place to meet in case you and your family get separated and there’s no cell service from the storm. Gather together supplies that you can take with you during the evacuation such as food, water, and other supplies that will last a few days. Make sure your car has a full tank of gas just in case of an unexpected hurricane that could occur at an inopportune time. Gas stations get busy when there is a hurricane warning and the lines can become tirelessly long. Prepare ahead of time by gathering together supplies for an emergency car kit. You can keep this in your car throughout the entire year. If you do not have a car, plan accordingly and set up a carpool with your neighbors or family to help you in times of distress.


Search for a list of shelters in your local area that can be found during a hurricane evacuation. Make sure to leave accordingly before roads become closed and with enough time for you to safely arrive at your destination before the hurricane hits. Before you evacuate from your home be sure to unplug all electronics such as radios, televisions, computers and kitchen appliances. Shut off your water, gas, and electricity in your home for safety precautions. Prepare the outside of your home with hurricane shutters. Tell your family when and where you are evacuating to, to help ease their minds. Make sure to wear closed toed shoes and clothes that will protect you when you are preparing the outside of your home for the hurricane.

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