Hurricane damage to garage door

How to Avoid Hurricane Damage in 2020

When you receive hurricane warnings for the area you live in, taking preventative measures is the best way to help minimize the amount of damage to your home. Severe winds and rain can cause enormous damage to a house if there are any weak or vulnerable areas to your home. You can reinforce these areas by taking precautionary measurements before a storm arrives. Here are some helpful tools to avoid hurricane damage.

Protecting the Windows

Covering and securely fastening windows with shutters or plywood is necessary. Using wood may seem less costly, but putting plywood over your windows is no easy task. Wood is heavy to lift and carry around the house. Covering all of the windows in your house is generally not something you can do on your own. You will likely need some additional help. If you have a two-story home, it can become a dangerous situation for all parties involved. It is not safe to carry a large and heavy piece of plywood up on a ladder.

Opting for shutters will be easy and hassle-free. At Brevard Shutters, we offer panels, accordion shutters, colonial shutters, roll-up shutters, armor screen, and Bahama shutters. We want you to be happy with the shutter system you decide on, and we will provide reliable service.

Reinforcing the Doors

Garage doors can’t always withstand hurricane-force winds or debris, which can cause expensive structural damage to your home. Using reinforcement to protect the entryway to your house will bring more security during disastrous events. 

Don’t forget about keeping your garage door protected. You can reinforce your garage door with bracing, or you can visit your local supply store to find a reinforcement kit for all entryways to your home.

Before hurricane season prevails, you can get an inspection by a trained door systems technician to verify if your garage door needs any additional reinforcement. From this inspection, you will receive peace of mind knowing if any adjustments are needed to keep your existing door intact.

Calling Brevard Shutter

With the roll-up shutters we provide in Melbourne, Florida and all of Brevard County, you will have home security, heat transfer during those hot summer days, noise reduction from your neighbors, UV protection from the sun, and hurricane protection. Call us today for more information!

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