Hotels, Motels, or Air B&B’s – Part Two – What’s the Difference?

In our previous blog, we discussed the star rating system for hotels – those given by the hotel industry and those given by prior guests.  Those ratings don’t always match up.  A two-star hotel may receive a rating of four stars by a guest due to great customer service and a spotless room.  Likewise, a four-star hotel may receive a rating of two stars from a prior guest because the people at the front desk were rude and the carpet was dirty.  As we discussed, looking at the reviews before booking a hotel is important.


In the previous blog and the first paragraph of this blog, we referred to all of these accommodations as “hotels.”  However, not every place you stay is actually called a hotel.  We wanted to use this blog to explain the different types of accommodations available which also may help you in making your decision about where to stay.


Motels are the buildings with doors facing outside.  For example, you can park your car right outside your door if you are on the first floor.  Hotels have indoor corridors, so you must enter the hotel lobby and walk down a hallway to get to your room.  Motels are usually no more than a couple stories tall; whereas, hotels are sometimes fifteen stories tall or more.  You may notice that no tall hotel has a thirteenth floor on the elevator.  Even though there is, obviously, the thirteenth floor, they call it the fourteenth floor because of people’s superstition about thirteen being an unlucky number!


You may also see the title of “lodge” or “inn” for a place to stay.  A lodge can actually be a motel or hotel.  Traditionally, the term “lodge” was used in more outdoorsy settings, and it does not indicate if the accommodations are basic or luxury. Inns were initially built as primarily a place to sleep.  They are not designed to be resorts, nor are they designed with the purpose of long stays.  They are usually located along the highway or in the countryside.


Air B&Bs are the newest members of the hotel family.  These are generally homes that people rent out for others to use.  They can be apartments or condos, as well.  Sometimes, they are a person’s vacation home that they rent out whenever they are not using it.  This can help them pay off the mortgage quicker or have money for repairs.  Other times, they are actually someone’s full-time home that they choose to rent out while they are out of town.  It may be their way of helping to cover the cost of whatever trip they are taking!  We strongly recommend not renting an Air B&B without looking at reviews.  For example, one weary couple came from out of state for a family funeral.  They had his elderly father with them.  Upon arrival at their Air B&B, late at night, they found that the linens had holes, the beds were unmade, and the couch had a huge stain.  They were disgusted.  They left immediately and contacted the owner who refunded their money.  They were lucky though.  Not all owners would have given the refund.


We hope these two blogs about the various types of accommodations and their ratings have been helpful to you.  Think of the information in these blogs the next time you go to make a reservation.  And, when you are ready to have shutters put on your home, think of us at Brevard Shutter.  We offer accordion shutters, Bahama shutters, colonial shutters, Armor Screen, and more!  Your hotel doesn’t have to be the only place you stay with pretty shutters…now your home can have them too!  So, if you live in the Melbourne or Palm Bay areas, give us a call today.

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