Hotels, Motels, or Air B&B’s – Part One – What Are Star Ratings?

People travel all throughout the year.  Of course, there are “peak seasons” like summer and Christmas break, but no matter when you travel you are probably looking for nice accommodations at a reasonable price.  None of us are looking for crummy accommodations or outrageous prices that break the budget!


It can be a difficult and time-consuming process researching and choosing where to stay when you are headed out of town.  If it is somewhere you have never been and a place you have never stayed, then you only have their website to rely on to decide if they are the right place for you.  Somehow, pictures on websites can be oddly deceiving.  If the photographer is good, they know how to take the picture at the proper angle to make the room look larger than it is.  They know how to use the light to their advantage, so a room looks airy and bright, even if it is dim and dingy.  So, what can a consumer do?


Our first suggestion is to read the reviews!  A hotel may have a four-star rating according to the point system used to determine star ratings, but they may have 1.5 stars from people that have stayed there.  How does this happen?  Let’s explain the star rating given to hotels by the hotel industry.


The star system lets you know the extent of the amenities available at that particular hotel.  One star means basic, simple accommodations.  This hotel will have no luxuries.  Two stars mean it will be comfortable, affordable, and meet your basic needs.  It won’t have much more than a one-star hotel but will maybe have more comfortable or newer bedding and linens, for example.  Three stars is a good, mid-level hotel.  It should have good amenities and a high quality of service.  A three-star hotel is more likely to have a pool and offer free toiletries, maybe even a free breakfast of some type.  Four-star hotels are superior offering comfort, quality, upscale furnishings, and excellent customer service.  These often have additional amenities like a full breakfast or restaurants on the premises, as well as resort-style pool and spa areas.  The highest rating given is the five-star rating.  This is the hotel of excellence.  It should have fine linens, flawless customer service, and state of the art facilities.  This is the kind of hotel that the majority of people only see in movies as their price reflects their superb quality.


The customer star rating system that you may see on a hotel’s website or travel sites like Travelocity or Expedia are stars given by guests that have stayed at that particular hotel.  They are usually allowed to leave comments also, so you will know why they gave the rating they did.  This is very helpful because if a picky person rates a hotel one star because they didn’t like the brand of shampoo in the room, you know to disregard that review.  If, however, there were bedbugs, you need to know!  Also, ask around among family and friends.  If anyone has visited your destination city, they may be able to recommend a place to stay or even tell you where NOT to stay which can be just as helpful!


Part of what makes a hotel appealing is its exterior.  Is it well lit?  Does it have nice landscaping?  Are the windows clean?  And, speaking of windows, did they have any kind of shutters, either decorative or protective in case of dangerous, inclement weather?  Your hotel may have had beautiful shutters that you would like to see on your own home.  Or, maybe it didn’t have any at all and you noticed how bare the windows looked.  You realized that your windows look bare too!  We are here to help!  Brevard Shutter offers a wide assortment of shutters for your home.  If you live in the Palm Bay or Melbourne areas, you should stop by our showroom in Melbourne, FL and check out the decorative shutters, accordion shutters, and storm shutters that we offer.  Your home will look great, and your windows will be protected!

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