Dangers of Hurricane Flooding

It’s an uneasy feeling driving back home to check on your house after the forces of a hurricane crashed through your hometown. As you look around with new eyes noticing all of the uprooted trees, missing roofs, and flooding as you near your home you recognize all of the destruction. If the streets are severely flooded it may be a few more days until you can reach your home.

After a hurricane, flooded homes and neighborhoods could potentially have sewage waste floating around. The hazard from a hurricane can cause devastation to many homes. Some of the biggest challenges after hurricanes is the stress and health concerns from flooding.

Here are some dangers to watch out for when your home is flooded:

Unhealthy floodwater

Unfortunately, floodwater is not just composed of natural rainwater. Floodwater is often contaminated with sewage and chemicals. Hidden in the waters of the flood can be sharp branches, metal or glass from the destruction of the hurricane. Sewage waste and chemicals in the water can irritate the skin causing boils, rashes, and burning of the skin. Wading your way through the water with sharp objects in the water and the mixture of sewage and chemicals can make for a dangerous walk. Do not touch your eyes after touching the floodwater because you could cause burning or an infection in your eyes.


Floodwater can carry disease and stomach problems could result. Avoid floodwater if you can and don’t let your children play with any of their toys if they were submerged in the floodwater. Washing your hands and skin after coming into contact with floodwater will help prevent any infections or health-related issues from occurring.

Open wounds

Make sure your drinking water isn’t contaminated to help minimize the risk of disease. If you’re staying in a shelter make sure to have you and your family wash their hands. If you have any open wounds do not enter into the floodwater, by any means. Take extra caution with open wounds and keep them covered. Floodwater can easily infect any open wounds.


Hurricanes can cause torrential downpouring and flash flooding more commonly for people who live in urban areas. If your home is built at a lower elevation you may be at risk for flooding. If the flooding is above the ankle don’t risk driving your vehicle into the water because chances are your vehicle will get stuck. During flooding, people have mistaken what they believe is a road, and they end up falling into a creek, canal, or a ditch. Be careful if you are walking around in floodwater after a hurricane.

Before you evacuate your home for a hurricane make sure to unplug all electronics, shut off your water and electricity. Make sure to prepare the outside of your home with accordion shutters in Melbourne, Florida for protection. Brevard Shutters has some of the best hurricane shutters in Brevard County. Check out the different styles and products we offer to protect your home in the event of a hurricane.

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