What to Expect from the Tropics in July?

Recently, Meteorologist Domenica Davis from the Weather Channel shared what to expect from the Atlantic basin in July.  Here is her prediction:

“Well so far this year for the Atlantic hurricane season, we’ve had four named storms.  So, as we go into the month of July what can we expect?  Well July, believe it or not, in the Atlantic basin is generally not too busy. It’s a relatively quiet month however some years can be extremely robust like last year 2020.  What a year it was with five named storms and one Tropical Storm in the month of July.  One of those storms, Tropical Storm Edward was named over the July 4th weekend in 2020.  Last year tied with 2005 for a very busy July where there were also five named storms.  Typically, in July even though it’s not very active, we see our storm origins in the western Atlantic.  So, we don’t really get those waves that come off the coast of Africa although that too can happen.  So, even if we don’t see too much in July, remember August and September can be very active.”

With the risk of repeating ourselves, at Brevard Shutters, the premier company for hurricane shutters in Melbourne, FL, we cannot stress enough the importance of hardening your property against storm damage.  A modest investment in wind-rated or hurricane-rated door and hurricane shutters is the most affordable way to keep your family, pets, residence, and your belongings safe and dry for the long term.

Storm Shutters ‘protect the envelope’ and provide the added benefit of preventing mold growth

A recent article in the Herald Tribune, “Hurricane Guide: Shutter Windows and Doors to Protect your Home,” provided some excellent advice to “protect the envelope” in preparation for the remainder of the 2021 hurricane season.

“The most important way to assure the structural integrity of your house is to “protect the envelope.” That means increasing the likelihood that the roof, walls, windows, and doors are not blown off or down, or punctured by windblown debris.

If this happens, wind can enter the house and blow it apart. Or, at the least, rain can enter and destroy the house through mold growth. Securing the envelope is something best done in advance of a storm, preferably during the mild weather of a Florida winter.”

“Unprotected windows and doors put your house at risk during a hurricane. Windblown objects can pierce the glass and let in wind that can pressurize your house and lift the roof off. How to protect them? First, taping the windows does no good, and the tape is difficult to remove. Plywood is a good alternative, although you can count on waiting in line at the big-box home store to get some at this point.”

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin

Insurance industry experts also reiterate the importance of mitigating storm damage to your home or business to prevent costly repairs.  In an article for MSN Weather, Bankrate said, “In fact, many property insurers offer discounts for homeowners who take effective measures to reduce or prevent damage. For example, installing storm panels to your home in some locations not only can significantly reduce the damage that can be caused by a hurricane, but you may also get a discount from your insurer.”

Chances are good if you have significant damage, loss of power, your neighbors will as well. You may find yourself competing for home repair contractors, lengthy repair time, and simply shortage of supplies due to lack of supply and increased demand.

At Brevard Shutters in Melbourne, FL hurricane protection is just the beginning

We invite you to visit our showroom as you are making an important and necessary investment in your Florida home or business. Don’t you prefer to see what you are getting?  See the different types of hurricane shutters you can choose from as we walk you through the whole process of how they work, what attributes each particular shutter provides from accordion shutters, armor screen, Colonial or Bahama shutters, clear panels, and much more. We carefully build customized storm shutters to your home or business specifications.  Brevard Shutters proudly serves customers in Brevard, Indian River, and St. Lucie counties.  Contact us today and we’ll get you covered.




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