Preventing Anxiety in Your Dog During a Storm

A clap of thunder and a bolt of lightning could create terror to rise inside of your dog. The next thing you know your dog runs off into another room to hide from the storm. Even naturally calm dogs can get anxiety during thunderstorms or hurricanes. While this is a common problem among pets, this behavior should be addressed to try to help your pet cope with his or her anxiety during the storm. Some say the loud noises can set off anxiety in dogs because they can detect frequencies at 67-45,000 hertz while humans can only hear 64-23,000 hertz. Dogs naturally have a higher sense of hearing compared to humans so what is already loud for a human is more alarming to your dog.

Here are some tips to help bring some comfort into your dog’s life during a hurricane or storm:


Have you ever noticed yourself getting a headache or pain in your joints before a storm? When a storm is rolling in the barometric pressure begins to change and this can cause joints to stiffen. If your dog has arthritis, then your dog will most likely feel discomfort before the storm arrives as well. Check with your veterinarian to see about finding supplements to help your dog cope with any discomfort he may be feeling.


Reward your dog when he is calm. If you start giving your dog attention when he is acting fearful he will think that his behavior is giving him attention. Instead, praise your dog with affection when they’re calm. Learn some calming techniques that you can use when the anxiety is present in your dog. Taking the time to calm your dog down is better than using medication to cope with the stress. Simply petting your dog and sitting with them will help reduce their anxiety. You can also teach your pup some fun games to distract them from the loud thunder and rain! There’s a helpful article by with great tips and tricks on how to train an anxious dog.

Safe space

Find a place in the house where your dog enjoys taking naps or pay attention to where they go when a storm starts. Turn this area into a safe place for your dog to retreat to with a blanket, toy and water dish. You can add their crate too as this may bring them even more security. The addition of some calming music can also help block out the noise.


Try a ThunderShirt to help reduce your dog’s anxiety. A ThunderShirt is like a swaddle that provides constant pressure around the dog’s body to help release the animal’s stress. They will feel snug and safe during any type of storm or hurricane.

During a storm provide a safe space for your dog to retreat to and sit with your dog to help reduce their anxiety. If the storm is getting worse or if there are hurricane warnings prepare your home with roll up shutters in Palm Bay, Florida. Brevard Shutters has a variety of storm shutters that will help reduce the noise inside the house on top of reducing your dog’s anxiety.

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