Coping with Hurricane Stress

When hurricane season comes around everyone starts to scramble for supplies while worrying about everything under the sun happening to their home, family, friends, animals and community. The stress can become overwhelming and will directly affect your health if proper measurements aren’t taken. Remember that a hurricane won’t last forever and it will pass with time. Most of the time you are only away from your home for a couple of days and then driving back to your home town to assess any damage that occurred while you were gone. Staying emotionally balanced during this time will help keep your family more grounded during this natural disaster.

Being Prepared

Getting preparation done ahead of time will help put your mind at ease. Mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of something bad happening to your home. Gather information about what category the hurricane is and stay informed during the preparation so that you can take actions accordingly.

Stay Positive

Wake up and take care of yourself before doing anything else. Take a bath, go on a run, meditate, or practice yoga during your daily routine. It’s not going to help worrying about something you cannot control from sunrise until sunset. Worrying about the future only brings anxiety and will rob you of the present moment.

Slow Down

Ask for help if you need it from friends or family members when you are feeling stressed. You can delegate tasks around the house to your children to help out during hurricane preparations. Remember you are teaching them to be self-sufficient. Sit down when you’re feeling overwhelmed and take 5-10 minutes to be present with your breath. This will help calm you down if you’re on the verge of a panic attack.

Don’t Lose Hope

Everything is going to be just fine. Things always work out the way they are supposed to. Remember that if something disastrous happens to your home there are government related agencies doing all they can to keep everyone safe.

Be Healthy

Make sure you’re not forgetting to eat altogether from the stress and avoid overeating. Eating healthy during stressful times can keep your immune system at optimal levels. Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions. Are you incessantly thinking negative thoughts and letting your thoughts overtake you? Make a conscious effort not to.

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