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At Brevard Shutter, shutters are not just our job.  They are our passion.  Yes, we are passionate about our work and our customers.  We believe that shutters are one of the great “accessories” people can choose to add to their homes.  In most cases, shutters are decorative, put there by the builder (or at a later time by a homeowner) to add a little dimension to the front of the house, a little extra character, and usually a pop of color.  We think they look great.  We also think there may be a thing or two about shutters that we can teach you, so we thought we would share some tidbits with you.

One of the most popular styles of shutters is referred to as “colonial.”  We refer to them as such because they are the typical style you see when viewing old, colonial homes, usually located in the southern states. Colonial shutters have come a long way over the years.  At one time, they were made of wood.  But, in our weather which includes high heat, lots of humidity (which causes wood to expand and contract), and hurricane force winds, wood isn’t the best product for shutters.  This is why our colonial shutters are made of stronger, more durable products.

You also may not have known that there are two types of colonial shutters that we offer here at Brevard Shutter.  The first type is purely decorative.  This is what you have seen on many homes in the area.  They add a nice touch to the outside of the house, giving your windows a little more pizazz, if you will.

The second type of colonial shutters is high impact shutters designed to protect your windows. Because they are not just decorative, attached to the house at the sides of the window, they actually close over the glass on your windows creating a protective shield from wind-borne objects.  With our hurricane season, we know plenty about wind-born objects here in Brevard County!  They are inevitable.  These shutters also offer added security to your home, deterring would-be burglars.  While we are fortunate that many areas in Brevard are not high in crime, there are still criminals out there looking for an opportunity.  Our high impact colonial shutters will deter just such a criminal.

Whether you already have shutters that you are looking to replace or are new to the idea and want to check out this whole shutter idea, Brevard Shutter is the right place for you.  We have been serving Brevard County for over seven years.  We have a wonderful indoor showroom set up just for our customers to come in, browse, and ask questions of our knowledgeable staff.  We want to help you choose the product that is right for your home, your needs, and your budget.  Our showroom is located in Melbourne, FL and is open to the public Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.  Let us show you around and help you make your shutter decision!

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