Why the Summer Slow Down?

Now is a great time to look into getting hurricane shutters for your home.  It is still the beginning of hurricane season with a few months until we usually see any real hurricane activity.  Some of you may have already started calling shutter companies to receive quotes or try to set up installations.  Here’s where it could have gotten tricky or frustrating.  Some companies are booked out until November already!

You may feel perplexed and agitated by what seems to be a summer slow down.  In truth, we aren’t moving slower due to the heat although it may feel that way to you as the customer seeking hurricane shutters.  There are a couple factors leading to this “slow down” which we wanted to share with you.  We hope it is helpful and lends some understanding to our industry.

We have been hit hard these last two years by both Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma.  Yes, the increase in business is a good thing, but we hate that it is at the expense of damage to your homes.  We are sorry that you have had to go through this.  Two bad hurricanes in two consecutive years mean a lot of business, but that also means longer wait times for you as the customer.

The next issue our industry is facing is a lack of trained employees.  This is not due to a lack of desire on our part.  We would love to build our workforce!  More employees mean we can get your home done faster and we can accept more contracts without people having to wait several months.  However, we are not willing to hire untrained workers or workers who are unwilling to learn.  We want to do the job right for you.  The United States is actually facing a labor shortage.  This is not only affecting us but many industries.

Lastly, the summer months are often a time when people are seeking to have their hurricane shutters replaced or installed.  Because of this, we are in high demand.  While this will always cause longer wait times, the above-mentioned issues have increased that wait time.  We wanted to make you aware of the underlying reasons so that you, as our customer, know that we want to do our best for you.  We want to have your home done in a timely manner.  We hope that you can understand our dilemma.  Please be patient with us and know that we genuinely appreciate it.

Brevard Shutter is locally owned and operated with our showroom in Melbourne. If you live in the Melbourne/Palm Bay area, please come by and check out all that we have to offer.  We will be happy to answer all your questions, offer you a free estimate, and get the job done as quickly as we can.  We offer accordion shutters, Bahama shutters, and colonial shutters, as well as Armor Screen.  Come by and see us today!

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