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The Benefits of Recycling

Recycling has been around in one form or another for thousands of years, although not in the way we think of it now.  Mass recycling with recycling bins at homes is a newer concept.  Different communities handle recycling in different ways.  For example, in Roseville, CA, homes do not have recycling bins.  The residents of Placer County (where Roseville lies) take part in a One Big Bin approach to trash and recycling.  Their trash service sorts the trash and pulls out recyclable materials.  The residents get to recycle without even trying!  If they wish, they can put aside cans and bottle and take them to a recycling service in exchange for cash.


Recycling in Brevard County

In the Brevard County, FL area, each residence receives a recycling bin in which they are to place their recyclable materials.  They are not to be placed in the bin in trash bags as in the trash bins, but rather dumped in there without a bag.  There seems to be some confusion over what exactly is allowed in these recycle bins.


It’s important to know what exactly belongs in your recycle bin.  The reason is that when trash items that don’t belong in the recycle bin go through the recycling machines at the Waste Management plant, they often clog up the system causing employees to have to shut the equipment down to clear out the offending debris.  Did you know that you should NOT put plastic bags in the recycle bin?  Many of us think we should.  Instead, find a different use for them.  For example, if you have dogs, they make for great “poopie bags” when you take your dog on a walk.  The plastic bag (poopie included) then goes into your trash bin, not the recycle bin and not the yard waste bin!  Dog waste is not considered recyclable or yard waste.


Do’s and Don’ts

In one month at just one plant, employees removed over 3,000 tons of trash that should not have gone into residents’ recycle bins.  Shame on us!  We need to put a little more effort into this, everyone.  It’s great that we are trying to recycle, but we need to put only items in the bin which can actually be recycled.  Recyclable items include dry cardboard (boxes, paper towel/toilet paper/wrapping paper cardboard rolls), plastic bottles and containers (water bottles, soap/shampoo containers, etc.), glass bottles and jars, and cans (both from canned drinks and canned food), and paper.  “Paper” includes your junk mail, envelopes from kept mail, regular paper, paper grocery bags, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and telephone books  You may have been throwing a lot of those items in the trash, not thinking about the fact that they are recyclable.  Fill your recycle bin with those items, instead of the forbidden items.


Trash or Recycle Bin?

Forbidden items include plastic bags, straws, greasy pizza boxes (acceptable if somehow not greasy!), drinking glasses, clothing, paper towels, and prescription bottles.  Some of those may come as a surprise, but we don’t want to clog up the machinery at our local recycling plant, so let’s do our best to abide by their list of do’s and don’ts.  Clothing can be donated in clothing bins found in various parking lots or can be given to thrift stores.  If prescription bottles still have pills in them, they can be turned into the local police department for proper disposal.


At Brevard Shutter, we can provide you with the perfect hurricane window protection for your home or office.  When done, we dispose of all of our materials properly.  You will not find any screws in your recycle bin!  We are located locally in Melbourne, FL and serve our surrounding Brevard County communities like Palm Bay.  If you haven’t had hurricane protection installed for your windows yet, it is definitely time to call us!  From Bahama shutters to roll up shutters, clear panels to Armor Screen hurricane fabric, we are sure to have exactly what you need.  We look forward to doing business with you!

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