Summer Colds and Allergies – Ah-Choo!

We usually don’t think of getting sick when we think of summertime. We think of fun and vacations. Who has time to get sick? None of us do, ever. But, alas, germs really don’t care about our plans. Oh, you planned a cruise four months ago and already paid for it? Germs don’t care. You may get to spend your cruise sneezing and coughing. No fun!

For those of us who suffer from allergies, there is no time of the year that we are necessarily “safe.” It all depends on what you are allergic to as to when your allergies will flare. Yes, some of us are even allergic to grass…that’s a tough one to get away from, especially in Florida!

There are a few things we can do to keep ourselves as healthy as possible and try to ward off those uncaring germs! A daily vitamin is always a good idea. It is the rare person who actually meets all of their daily vitamin needs through their diet. Staying hydrated is also an important part of good health. Some people like to take extra supplements or use natural sources like essential oils. Always consult a professional before trying something new, but some of these might be quite useful for you.

Summer is a prime time for travel. If you are traveling, you need to be extra cautious with your health. If you are taking an airplane, you are going to be stuck in an airtight compartment with a lot of other people. If any of them are sick, you are at risk. One cough or sneeze in your direction and those uncaring germs may be determined to ruin your vacation. Prior to your trip, you may want to go to your local store and buy something like “Airborne.” It is a vitamin complex made especially for travelers. They even have a version for children which are gummies. You can help protect them while they feel like they are getting a treat.

If you are traveling, it is always wise to travel prepared. You don’t want to be far from home without medicines or remedies that you know work for you in case you do get sick on vacation. If you tend to get headaches, bring your tried and true headache medicine. If you are prone to allergies and don’t know what you might be allergic to in your vacation spot, bring along your allergy medication, just in case. You should bring some tissues and hand sanitizer, as well. Even though you want to enjoy as much as possible on your vacation, getting good rest really is a key to good health, so don’t forget to sleep sometimes!

While you are doing your best to protect your health this summer, we would like to do our best to protect your home! Brevard Shutter specializes in hurricane shutters for the home. We have a large variety from Bahama shutters to traditional styles to the newest Armor Screen. Stop by our showroom to see what we have to offer and speak to our professionals. If you are in the Melbourne, Palm Bay or Satellite Beach areas, give us a call today. Let us give you the best in hurricane shutter protection!

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