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With the arrival of spring and the beautiful weather to go along with it, many of us find ourselves outside working in the yard or doing repairs to our homes that were left undone during the colder and windier winter months. Once you get out there, it seems that one project begets another. You reach down to pull a stray weed, and suddenly, it’s two hours later and you have filled a trash bag full of weeds! Or, you see some chipped paint on the corner of the house and instead of a little swipe of paint, you have touched up the whole side of your house. Home ownership is a blessing. It is also a never-ending cycle of projects, both real and imagined. Some of our projects aren’t necessary, but they are fun and they are what make our house into our home.

Real or made up by us, all projects deserve the proper attention to detail required to get the job done properly and make our home look the best that it can. Many homes have decorative touches that came with the home when built or were added by an owner at some point over the years. This may be something as elaborate as an added porch or something simple but stylish, like shutters

Shutters are one of the items that you should inspect when you are doing your spring cleaning once-over outside. Why? There are a couple reasons. The first is purely decorative. The wind and rain from the previous year may have taken a toll. If you experienced flying debris during Hurricane Irma, your shutters may have gotten scratched. If you have the paint for your shutters, before doing any touch-up, dab a bit of the paint on an area that isn’t easily visible. Let it dry, then check to see if the paint still matches. If your shutters have faded from the effects of the weather, the paint may no longer match which would leave you with polka-dot looking shutters after you do your touch-up! If it no longer matches, you will have to repaint the entire shutter. Always remove your shutters if you are going to repaint them. You don’t want to get the shutter’s paint color on the body of your house. You may wish to hire a professional house painter to do the shutters for you, especially if you have a large number of them.

The other reason you should inspect your shutters is to check if any of them have broken or come loose. If they are broken, you will, of course, want to make the necessary repairs. If any have come loose, you will want to tighten all the screws affixing the offending shutter to the house. If it bangs or scrapes against the house, it can cause an irritating noise, as well as scratch up the paint on both the shutter and the house.

Once all shutters are secured, repaired, and repainted or touched-up, your house will have a nice, fresh look for the spring! You can move on to all your other projects and the projects that you make up along the way! At Brevard Shutter, we know that the outside of the house can be a happy reflection of the pride you take in your home. And, we think it’s great! If you have any questions regarding your shutters or are in the market for new hurricane shutters, be sure to give us a call. We are located in Melbourne and serve all surrounding areas!

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