Recycle, Reuse, Renew, and Donate

We thought we would touch on a subject that most of us are aware of but that is especially prevalent this time of year with kids and adults alike heading back to school. Most of us have heard the mantra “recycle, reuse, renew,” but not all of us put it into practice. That’s not a judgment, just a fact. It is hard to believe that we can make a difference in such a huge world that produces such large amounts of trash. But, the truth is that it does make a difference.

A lot of products are made from recycled materials. Did you know there are even park benches now being made out of recycled milk containers and water bottles? That’s pretty cool. And, because they are made out of recycled materials, if the Parks Department ever decides to get rid of the benches for any reason, they can be recycled!

You may be wondering what this has to do with this time of year when people, both kids and adults, are headed back to school. Quite simply, this is a perfect time of year to employ this mindset. If your kids have outgrown any of their clothes from last year, it is time to “reuse” by passing them on to a smaller child. This can be an incredible blessing to a family with limited income. Quite frankly, regardless of income, don’t we all enjoy getting free stuff? It’s fun.

Kids really don’t know if the clothes are used. Wash them in your detergent and fabric softener so they smell familiar. They are still new to that child which is great! Even older kids are getting over that old stigma of not wanting “hand-me-downs” because they are being taught the importance of recycling, reusing, and renewing. They are being taught in school, if not at home. Many teenagers are now purposefully shopping in thrift stores and second-hand stores. Additionally, stores, like H&M in the mall, will give you a 15% off coupon if you bring in clothes to donate for reuse purposes. So, even if you don’t have someone to pass on your clothes to, you can still help out a stranger and even get rewarded for it! What a great program!

We added “donate” on at the end of the blog title because school supplies can be very costly. If a family has to choose between food on the table and a new backpack, you can bet that food is going to and should win. You can donate supplies to your local schools. Many stores and churches also collect school supplies for donation. This is a huge blessing for local families in need, particularly those who have multiple children attending school.

It feels good to help the earth. It feels even better to help a neighbor or local school children. You can do something today that you KNOW makes a difference to someone. We hope you do! At Brevard Shutter we love our community and love providing a service that keeps our local families from Melbourne to Palm Bay and beyond safe. If you are interested in obtaining hurricane shutters for yourself or even donating them to someone you know, please call us today. We have a wide variety of shutter styles ranging in price, and we offer free estimates. We hope to see you soon!

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