Nautilus Shutters Come to Town

When it comes to shutters, there is a variety to choose from and at Brevard Shutter, we offer you a great selection. We have a showroom in Melbourne, FL for you to come view our different products and ask as many questions as you want!

We want to inform you about a shutter that you might not be super familiar with yet, but we think you will be quite interested in them after learning about them.  They are roll-up shutters.  You may have a picture in your head of your grandmother’s house with those old roll-up shades…you know the ones that would escape from your hand and fly up uncontrollably, rolling up at the top of the window, defying you to UNROLL them.  That is a funny picture and a good memory, but it is not what our roll-up shutters are at all!

Our roll-up shutters are stored in a small box that is permanently mounted to the outside of the house right above each window.  The shutters roll right up into that small box, no flying out of your hand.  They are hurricane shutters that require minimal effort to deploy.  Now that’s some good news!  It depends on the size of your house and how many windows you have, but essentially it should take you twenty minutes or less to have every window in your house secure prior to a tropical storm or hurricane.  Twenty minutes to a safe and secure home, that’s pretty incredible!

At Brevard Shutter, we are pleased to announce that we now carry the Nautilus shutter.  This is the premier roll-up shutter.  It has the smallest storage box in the industry.  It has the strongest rating for shutters of comparable size.  It is the only shutter that is hand-operated, no crank or motor.  There is nothing that can “break down” and need repair on these shutters.  They only require a routine cleaning, like any other shutter.

The Nautilus also has other great features.  You don’t have to only use it during storms.  You can use it for home security, particularly when going out of town.  It reduces heat transfer to keep your home cooler, so when you return from vacation your house will be comfortable.  It also provides UV protection and noise reduction. There may be times you wish to use them for their other purposes, like when the neighbors are having a party and you need to get up early.  Roll down your shutters, reduce the noise, and get some good sleep.  That is what we call one multi-purpose shutter!

If you live in  Melbourne, Palm Bay, or the surrounding area, come visit our showroom.  Let us introduce you to the Nautilus roll-up shutter as well as our other products.  We are pleased to help you choose the shutter that is right for you and your needs!

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