Natural Disasters

Natural disasters

Natural disasters are caused by Mother Nature creating harm through earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, floods, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes. Natural disasters can cause a loss in lives, homes, communities, transportation, livelihood, food, jobs and much more. After a natural disaster occurs some places are beyond repair. It could take years to rebuild the havoc that was caused or in some cases it’s irreplaceable. At Brevard Shutters, we want you to be prepared should a natural disaster strike, which is why we offer top of the line hurricane shutters. We also want to keep you informed on important issues, so read ahead for more information on natural disasters and how they could affect you.


Organizations reach out to affected areas to help bring in supplies such as food, water and first aid. Most groups come together on a global scale when extreme events occur to aid those who are in need and if there isn’t help globally then communities come together.

Shifting in the earth

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis are caused by movements of the Earth and there is a minute amount of warning to let people know they are coming. There’s not much to do to halt these natural disasters other than taking appropriate actions once you’ve been notified and to do your best to get to a safe area.

Temperature changes

Hurricanes and tornados are caused by extreme changes in temperatures. When there is a drastic change in air temperature from cold to warm or warm to cold this can create a storm that can then turn into a tropical cyclone. If the temperature of the water is warm enough it will feed the storm until it gets big enough to form a hurricane. Weather systems have been developed to better predict when hurricanes and tornados will make landfall. This gives the public more of an advanced warning to help prepare before the storm hits close to their home.

The term hurricane is only used for storms that develop over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In other parts of the world such as off the coast of South America, Africa, Asia and Australia they are better known as cyclones and typhoons.

At Brevard Shutters we are happy to help bring you resilient and reliant shutters to keep your home safe in case of the event of a natural disaster occurring. We pride ourselves on finding the best materials that are long lasting such as steel, aluminum, accordions and armor, and more. We offer hurricane panels in Palm Bay, Melbourne, and all of Brevard County. Come visit us today if you’re interested in protecting your home.

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