How to Prepare Your Waterfront Property for a Hurricane

Making sure your waterfront property is properly prepared before hurricane hits will help prevent severe damage from occurring. Preparation for a hurricane is the best line of defense against any hurricane. When an emergency strikes you want to minimize the damage as much as you can by getting properly prepared.

Here are some helpful tips:

Docks and seawalls

Check your dock to see if there are any repairs that need to be made to re-enforce it. This will help reduce the amount of repairs needed to be made to your dock or seawall if it gets struck by hurricane-force winds. Small repairs can go a long way in keeping everything intact.

A seawall is a wonderful line of defense against a large storm because it will help protect your home from a flood or hurricane. After inspecting everything on the dock, secure items such as ropes, chairs, flags and anything else that could get carried away by the wind by bringing them inside where they will be kept safe. Writing everything that needs to be secured down will be helpful when the time comes to secure your property, and it will be much more efficient.

Turn off the water and power to your dock to prevent an electrical shortage that could potentially turn into a fire. Imagine if hurricane-force winds broke a pipe on your dock and you left the water on while you’re away. Water would go everywhere. If you evacuate from your home for a few days with a broken pipe your water bill is likely to be pretty expensive when you return.

Take photographs of your dock or seawall before the hurricane strikes because this will help you with any insurance claims and make the process much smoother.


Protecting your boat depends on how you store your boat. Storing your boat in a marina or a bay is an option although these areas may suffer from extreme winds and you have a chance of your boat getting damaged. Another option is storing your boat on a trailer. Make sure your boat is securely strapped down if you go with this option. You can anchor your boat offshore, but this is not the best option. Whether you secure your boat in a marina or a dock, make sure that you secure it firmly with fenders, bumpers and tightrope.

Hurricanes can impact any home, but a waterfront property is most vulnerable compared to other properties. Make sure you have hurricane shutters to protect your windows and to prevent glass from shattering into your home if you live Melbourne, Florida or anywhere on the Space Coast. Give Brevard Shutters a call today and we will make sure all the necessary preparations are in place.

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