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Hurricanes, floods earthquakes and tornados are intensely brutal, leaving homes without power and water. The devastation can range from minimal to horrific damage. After a hurricane swoops in and tears down homes, leaving nothing but the cement foundation, those that are left in the wake of the destruction are without personal belongings to get them through a regular day. Disaster relief kits can be sent over to the affected areas to help those in need and you can also find some nonprofit organizations to direct your money to.

Here are some organizations to donate your dollars and ways to help:

Disaster relief kit

Putting together some disaster relief kits within your community is a wonderful way to help from a distance and make a direct impact on those who were affected by the destruction from a hurricane or another natural disaster. Ask friends and family to put together a box for a family in need. Inside the disaster relief kit, you can include diapers, feminine care products, water, a hand towel, a small bottle of soap, a washcloth, a comb, a razor, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and bandages.

Depending on how big of a box you’re making you can also include some non-perishable food, and a flashlight and batteries. Conduct a list of items and pass them out in your community for individuals to put together their own relief kits. If you or others in the community don’t have the time or wherewithal to put something together then perhaps give them the option of finding a company has premade kits stocked with everyday essentials available to send out on a needed basis.

Donate money

Donating from a distance couldn’t be easier with monetary donations. During a natural disaster, there are always national nonprofits that are collecting money such as the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. You can make a donation online to help give back. Check out any GoFundMe campaigns that are created to help any victims with relief efforts. You can help put one together in your town to help provide assistance.

When people have gone through horrific damage from a hurricane or a natural disaster it’s instinctive to want to reach out to those in need and help people in some way. Any kind of aid being sent is greatly appreciated. While it’s important to help those in need you must fill up your own cup first and make sure your home is properly protected with accordion shutters in Melbourne, Florida. Protect your home and family with secure hurricane shutters before a natural disaster is upon us. At Brevard Shutters we will provide wonderful service with quality products.

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