Give Back: Part Two

Helping those who have suffered after the devastation of a hurricane will leave your heart feeling full. Hurricanes leave a path of destruction in their wake, but many communities come together with love and compassion to help assist in recovery. After the destruction of a hurricane, you can volunteer, donate, and find numerous opportunities to aid those in need.

Here are some ways to lend a helping hand and serve those who need assistance after a hurricane:

Supply products

You can purchase a supply kit online and they will send it to an area in need. With the Stealth Angel Survival kit, it includes a five-gallon bucket and a food and water kit to last five people for up to 72 hours. You are also given flashlights, emergency candles, a whistle, and waterproof matches in case of a power outage. You are provided shelter and warmth to protect yourself from any harsh weather conditions, useful tools, hygiene and sanitation, first aid, and some playing cards to help take your mind off of the stressful situation at hand.

Give to food banks

If you don’t live locally in the area of destruction then you can give back in other ways from a distance. For example, Hurricane Harvey left many families hungry and without food. There are food banks online where you can donate money to help provide meals for the hungry families that have experienced a disaster first-hand. In addition to helping with emergency food assistance if you have some extra time to spare look into volunteer opportunities that may be available. A $10 donation will provide forty meals for your neighbors who are in an affected area.

Share your space

Consider sharing your home with friends and family during and after the hurricane. Having positive people around during the storm will help take your mind off of the hurricane. The director of Airbnb contacted hosts in Miami during Hurricane Irma with instructions on how to volunteer their space if they choose. This a great way to help provide free lodging to help local residents in your area get through a difficult time.

Help lost pets

If you lost your pet during the hurricane or you found a stray dog or cat please contact your local humane society. Lost and found pets are posted online where you can check to see if your pet has been taken in and sheltered.

Any way you can help assist those in need will be appreciated. Remember to always prepare your home before the hurricane season and look into storm shutters in Palm Bay, Florida. At Brevard Shutters, we have every option you are looking for to protect your home from hurricane force winds.

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