Embracing the Fourth of July with Pets

Fourth of July with Pets

The Fourth of July is an exciting holiday where Americans gather together to celebrate the birth of our nation with delicious food, cold drinks and beautiful fireworks. Everyone comes together and celebrates in patriotic style by wearing red, white and blue.

While most people look forward to the Fourth of July festivities, the opposite is usually true for their pets. For dogs this can be the hardest day of the year because all of their senses are heightened compared to ours. This means that all of the loud fireworks going off will affect them much more than to us. Dogs can hear sounds of 50,000 vibrations per second compared to humans who can only hear 20,000 vibrations per second. Dogs also have 18 ear muscles while humans only have six. They can hear more efficiently than us and because of this, they may have a hard time dealing with the loud fireworks.

Here are some helpful tips to add some ease into your pet’s life during The Fourth of July:

Create Comfort

To block out the external noise you can try putting on soothing music and speak to your dog in a calm tone. Shutting the blinds is a good option to help block out flashing lights from the fireworks. If you have any hurricane shutters that are easy to close this will be the best option to help block out both noise and light that could potentially upset your dog.

Create a comfortable environment with a cozy blanket and their toys in a safe part of the house. Pick a spot where you pet tends to relax.

Calm Products

Searching for calming products such as sprays or droplets that you can add to their water will help relax them during this holiday. If you are looking for a natural product you can use lavender and chamomile essential oils because these have a soothing effect for both dogs and people. Other helpful products are the Thundershirt, Storm Defender and The Anxiety Wrap. These vests wrap around the animals body to bring them a sense of security during thunderstorms or loud events that induce stress.

At Brevard Shutters in Melbourne, Florida, we offer an array of shutters for you to choose from such as Bahama Shutters. Not only will our hurricane shutters help reduce noise during such events as the Fourth of July, they will also help protect you and your home in dangerous weather. Call us today so this Fourth of July you can simply close up your shutters to help keep your pet at ease during the loud fireworks.

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