Celebrating Spring

Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way! The soon-coming arrival of Easter is a sure sign that spring is here, although officially it is March 20, the vernal equinox which technically marks the first day of spring for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. You may remember learning about solstices and equinoxes back in middle school. For most, it is a distant memory stored in our minds as “something we used to know.” So, here’s a quick refresher. On March 20, the vernal equinox, the hours of daylight and darkness are approximately equal – kind of a cool fact, actually. After this day of nearly equal light and dark comes longer days, earlier sunrises and later sunsets leading toward those long, lazy days of summer. Another fun fact that they didn’t teach us in school was that the increased amount of sunlight during the day is what triggers birds to sing! We have long equated bird-song with spring. Now we know why! The two do actually go hand-in-hand.

For most of us, especially children or adults who have children (or adults who act like children!) spring also makes us think of chicks and bunnies and Easter time. This season brings with it multiple religious celebrations, as well. Whether you are religious or not, most people choose to celebrate Easter in one way or another. For many children, this means getting an Easter basket and going on an Easter egg hunt. How a giant bunny got thrown into the mix when talking about eggs is a bit strange, but little ones still enjoy the thrill of seeking out those hidden eggs! You can hard boil the eggs and color them with kits found in the store, many of which now include stickers and additional ways to decorate the eggs. Upon opening them, the hard-boiled eggs have often taken on some of the bright colorings of the shell making for a colorful and yummy snack.

Stores also sell plastic eggs, ranging in size. These are designed to hide goodies inside of them, be it money, candy, or little trinkets like stickers or small pencil erasers. Stores are stocked with fun things to put inside these eggs. You can find lots of things to fill them at bargain stores like local “dollar stores.” You don’t have to spend a fortune for the kids to still have fun. A one dollar bag of jelly beans can fill a lot of plastic eggs!

Additionally, your local community may offer up fun Easter activities. Brevard County (as well as surrounding counties) offers up some great fun. Melbourne Square mall has breakfast with the Easter bunny. Michael’s (the craft/hobby store) offers a spring/Easter craft for kids for just $2. East Coast Christian Center hosts a huge egg hunt at the Viera High School football stadium. They use over 20,000 eggs! The event is free and offered for children ages two to twelve. Your local newspaper should list the happenings in your specific area or you can go online. A simple Google search of “Easter egg hunts 2018” with the name of your town or county included should pull up lists of fun things to do.

However you choose to celebrate the beginning of spring and Easter, specifically, we hope you have a wonderful time with family, friends, and your community. Brevard Shutter loves serving Brevard County and looks forward to meeting your shutter needs this spring! Our accordion shutters, colonial shutters, hurricane panels and other products can help with noise reduction, home security, lower utility bills and much more. Call today for a free estimate.

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