Winter Hurricane Season Preparation

With hurricane season over, this is the most opportune time to regroup and get things done around your home. Making improvements to your home when the weather has settled gives you ample time to make updates without the stress of a hurricane.

Here are some tips to prepare your home for hurricane season:

Windows and doors

Check all openings in your home such as windows, doors and garage doors. Hurricane-force winds can pick up debris from your yard and cause serious damage to your windows if they are not properly protected. It may be time to replace your windows or doors if they are outdated or perhaps install storm shutters instead of replacing them altogether.

If you’re looking for hurricane shutters in Palm Bay, Florida check out Brevard Shutters. We have everything from simple storm shutters to automatic shutters that roll down with the press of a button. Storm shutters provide homes with outstanding protection against hurricanes and they are easy to operate.


During the winter trees lose their leaves and they fall to the earth. Walk around your yard and remove any dead branches, trim up your trees, and rake up the loose leaves. Inspect your yard as if a hurricane were coming to see what needs to be taken care of. Make a plan for where you want to store any furniture you keep outside or find a place to secure it down safely.


Taking time to inspect your roof over the winter could potentially save your roof in the case of an emergency. If the lifespan of your roof exceeds 15 years then you should consider getting it evaluated by a professional to see if you need any reinforcements to be made to secure your roof before hurricane season.

Garage door

The garage door often gets overlooked when people are preparing their homes for a hurricane, but it is the biggest opening on your home and can pose a serious risk if it is not properly protected. Look into installing a garage impact resistant door that will be able to handle hurricane force winds.


Clean out your gutters from debris that stops the flow of water from running freely. If there is debris clogging your gutters then the excess water will build up and flow onto your roof and could cause roof damage.

Preparing for your home before hurricane season is upon you will greatly reduce your stress when hurricane season rolls around in May. Contact Brevard Shutters today for Brevard County storm shutters!

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