Post Hurricane Blues

Hurricane Irma swept through Florida leaving many people feeling abnormally tired and stressed after the storm passed. Hurricanes create stress and anxiety, and when they’re gone you’re stuck cleaning up the mess they created. Homes and businesses are left damaged, some people are left for days without power or water, flooding ruins personal belongings, and the devastation to communities is felt on a visceral level. Even though a hurricane may only last a couple of days you also have to take into account the days leading up to the storm and the days after the impact of the storm. This span of time puts unpreceded stress and fatigue on your body. It’s not something that will magically disappear with the storm.

Here are some helpful tips to take care of you and your family after a traumatic event:


If you feel more tired than normal then listen to your body and rest. Many people went without power and the everyday comforts they were used to. If you don’t have to be back at work right away then don’t set your alarm and let yourself sleep for as long as you need to. You also might be taking naps in the afternoon or going to sleep earlier. Your body is trying to get back into a regular rhythm again. Be patient with yourself.

Take it easy

Physically you may be craving to get back into your regular fitness routine to blow off some stream, but your eagerness could leave you lowering your immune system even more. If you feel up to it, start with some gentle exercise. You may find that you don’t feel as strong or as energized as you were before the hurricane and that’s okay. Be gentle with yourself and take it easy when you get back into your normal routine after the hurricane. It may be difficult to do everyday tasks and that is okay.


To help yourself recover at a faster rate and get back to feeling yourself again incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, take vitamins for an extra boost, and reduce your caffeine intake. Give yourself time to heal and recover.

After traumatic events, it takes time to recover and everyone recovers at different rates. Don’t be discouraged if your neighbor seems perfectly normal and you are having a hard time. Taking care of yourself now will make it much easier and you will feel stronger again in the coming weeks ahead.

If your home suffered damage from Hurricane Irma, this will undoubtedly cause you more stress than if you didn’t incur any damage. Assess the damage after the storm and decide if you need better protection for your windows and doors. Make sure your home is prepared for the next hurricane with colonial shutters in Palm Bay, Florida. Give Brevard Shutters a call and we will make sure your home is protected so you have one less thing to worry about.

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