Hurricane Irma

Disaster strikes again. Hurricane Irma seemed to come out of nowhere leaving everyone in Florida running out to stores last minute to prepare for the hurricane. This massive hurricane hit the Florida Keys September 10th as a category four hurricane and leaving a trail of misery behind it. Families on the east coast were ready to evacuate, but then during the last minute the hurricane changed course and headed towards the west coast of Florida and then into Georgia. It seemed there was no place safe to turn to because the whole state of Florida got hit in some form or another.

Streets were flooded, there were tornado warnings, 6.4 million people were asked to evacuate their homes, and millions of homes were without power. Some families stayed in spite of being asked to leave their homes and stuck out the storm with generators to get them through the night.

Sadly, the prices for gas, water, and other important supplies that were needed during the hurricane increased substantially even though Florida officials discouraged price gouging. Some Florida residents had to try multiple gas stations to fill up their vehicle because gas stations were running out of gas. Families could be found waiting in long lines for sandbags to help protect openings of their home. Stores ran out of important supplies quickly and this caused more stress to homeowners preparing their homes for the hurricane. Some people drove sandbags all the way from Orlando to Cape Canaveral, Florida to help out friends and families in need.

As unfortunate as it is that Hurricane Irma caused much detriment to many people’s livelihood, at the same time Irma also brought many strangers together. That is the beautiful silver lining during natural disasters. It seems that labels no longer are taken into account and others are no longer judged for their religion, political status, race, or social class in times of crisis. Instead, many people from all over pulled together to help those in need without blinking an eye.

It is extremely important to be prepared before a hurricane strikes. Check out hurricane fabric in Melbourne, Florida as an option to protect any openings in your home. At Brevard Shutters, we pride ourselves on protecting homes with high-quality hurricane shutters. This is an economical solution to protect your home from hurricanes.

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