Hurricane Activities for Kids: Part 2

Preparing for a hurricane can be tough, whether you’re standing in the never-ending grocery store lines, searching for a gas station to refuel your vehicle, or scouring drug stores to get flashlights.

On the flip side, during a hurricane you and your family will have about 24 hours to do what you please. Use this time to your advantage and spend some time playing the guitar, reading a good book, or doing something you have been thinking about for a while, but haven’t got around to quite yet. Have your kids help out around the house before the hurricane hits to help alleviate some stress.

Here are some ideas on how to spend your time while you’re inside during a hurricane:


Take advantage of this time together by singing songs and pulling your old musical instruments out of the woodworks. Music will help bring some joy into your home while you wait for the storm to pass.


If you have time in your schedule then swing by the library and stock up on some good books and movies. Have your kids pick out a chapter book that they are interested in reading. If you don’t have time to go to the library and you own a Kindle Paperwhite then you have an unlimited amount of options for e-books to read. Make sure your Paperwhite is fully charged and the books you want are already downloaded in case you are without wifi for a couple of days.

Make a fort

Gather blankets and pillows and have your kids create their very own safe space where they can go to feel safe during the hurricane. When your children build their own fort inside the house this will bring excitement and it will help take their minds off of the storm that’s going on right outside of your home. Let them know they can bring their flashlights and library books inside their fort to help pass the time.


Take this time to pamper yourself and de-stress. Recognize that you can’t control the hurricane and the best thing to do is not worry about what may happen. Instead use this time to pamper yourself, have your partner give you a massage, and find some time for a nap.

When you’re preparing your home for the hurricane make sure all of your windows and doors are carefully protected from the high winds. At Brevard Shutters, we have easy-to-use accordion shutters in Palm Bay, Florida that provide an effective way to protect your home so you can rest easy when the storm hits.

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