The Most Destructive Hurricanes: Part Two

Imagine a giant, spiraling tropical storm approaching your home with strong winds reaching 160 miles an hour and strong rains coming down! Sometimes hurricanes begin as a tropical storm and then they can sporadically change into a hurricane at any time. The most destructive hurricanes in history have killed and severely injured people with falling trees, flying debris and flooding. It is important for residents to stay inside their homes or evacuate to a safer location until it is safe to go outside after the storm has passed.

Here is a continued list of the most destructive hurricanes to have struck the United States that have made history:

Hurricane Ike

In 2008 Hurricane Ike struck, and was the third costliest storm in the United States history with $29.5 billion in damage across the coast of Africa then to the Caribbean into the Gulf and then hitting Texas. At first hurricane Ike began as a tropical wave and after a few days of building strength as it reached a category 4 making it’s wat to the Caribbean.

Hurricane Wilma

In October of 2005 Hurricane Wilma reached a category 5 hurricane with winds reaching 183 miles per hour. Wilma hit Mexico and then headed towards the Gulf of Mexico and ended up hitting land on the southwestern area of Florida and then finally reaching the Bahamas. Property damage was estimated about $1.5 billion in losses in Mexico with $4.6 billion loss in agriculture.

Hurricane Ivan

In 2004 Hurricane Ivan reached a category 4 hurricane as it made its way towards landfall. Once hitting near the Gulf Shore and Alabama winds were 130 miles per hour. When hurricane Ivan was in the Caribbean it was a category 5 hurricane with 160 mile winds. About 95% of buildings in the Grand Cayman Island were destroyed or damaged from the storm with $14.2 billion in damage.

Most of these storms start out as tropical waves in the ocean that gain strength as they make their way towards land. The damage can be devastating and sometimes life threatening. That is why it is best to always be prepared within your home.

At Brevard Shutters we have a variety of options to choose from to keep your home safe from hurricane force winds. We provide armor screens in Palm Bay, Melbourne and Viera, Florida. Come by to check out all of our hurricane shutter options. We would love to help you out and keep you and your family safe!

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